Saturday, September 29, 2012


Saturdays are rather quiet around here least until more people show up so this should be a short entry today.  

We can see where they've started to pour some curbs for the new streets.  Doesn't look like much yet but it should start to develop faster now so it shows up on pictures better.

The curb machine is all prepped and ready to continue on Monday.  Sure is a weird looking machine.

You can see the ballfield all leveled and ready.  Soon we'll see the sprinklers and seed in action.

Up at the main pool, Jessie is working away to get it ready for you.  Still perfecting the chemicals and cleaning.

We spied this Great Blue Heron resting in the shade.  His long neck is all tucked in and he's standing on just one leg.  He's probably digesting after a big fish dinner.  Don't worry about running out of fish..........there are plenty in the ponds and they probably need thinning now and then.

Bill and Maureen Edwards at Site 1006 are back for their 4th season.  Bill occasionally sends me some terrific bird photos to share on the blog but he says he's jealous of Kent Evans for the Osprey and the American Avocet photos we posted this past week.  

Bill has quite a collection of golf balls he has gathered from his yard over the past four years.  

These are just from his yard!  Want to fess up and claim any of them???

And our parting shot for the day...........say Hi to Cathy Cressan on her day off from working at the front desk.  Looks like her dog is taking her for a walk.

You all have a good day now.  I'll be busy cleaning this afternoon......have lots to do before you see my dusty house after a dusty summer monsoon season.

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