Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Warning to all Palm Creek residents and guests:

(Photo sent by JoAnne Maurier)

Don't hurry home too fast!  This could be YOU.  

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Bingo Winner

Congratulations to Bill Sheedy as he was the Bingo winner Monday night.  The final blackout game paid $487 if you could bingo in 55 numbers or less.  Bill hit the winning number at only 51.  Way to go Bill!!!!

Judy Texley (Bingo chairman) awarding check to Bill Sheedy

To Bill:  I don't know how you managed that lucky win when 55 wasn't even on the card!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Club Leaders Meeting

Lisa Harold, our General Manager, met with all the club leaders this morning for a status update.  We have over 100 clubs/activities here in the resort.

Lisa Harold, Kristen Zanocco, MaryAnn Brown, Marion Nelson, Gary Lambert

Meet our new Social Media Coordinator, Kristen Zanocco.  (sorry for blurry photo)

If your club has a story to share on the resort's social media, you can send it to Kristen at this email address:

Other announcements:  The position of Club Liaison ends April 15 as that is the official end of the season.  Summer hours will be 7:00am to 2:00pm if you need to contact someone in charge.  

The Adobe room will remain open and accessible 7 days a week.

Thermostats will be set at 76 degrees.  Those thermostats currently on outside walls will be moved this summer to make temperatures more controllable.

Don't forget the end of season Luau this Saturday starting at 4:00.  

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Wednesday Night Poker Tournament of Champions

It was another BIG night in the poker room as it was the Wednesday night poker "Tournament of Champions".   Congratulations to Ron Myers (first place), Mac McClosky (second), and Julie Langwell (third).  

Ron actually won with a pair of deuces.  His winning hand was a six and a deuce.  They were suited.  Talk about a big blind special. 

In addition to the tournament players, the regular Wednesday night players showed up in record numbers as well.  The room was packed with 97 total people.  Our group is definitely growing.  Thank you to Tom Langwell and Avis Gray for directing this event.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Another Monday

 Another beautiful Monday morning in our bit of desert paradise.  We started this morning with the donuts and coffee on the Bistro.

.............and sang Happy Birthday to our Golf Pro, Mark Kenner.

While we enjoyed our donuts, the water aerobics group was active at the pool.

This friendly group of gals go for a nice long hike around the park in the mornings.  They call themselves the "Walkie Talkies" as they do quite a bit of both.  

Beware the orange cones on Sandy Desert Drive!  There is a huge bee hive hidden at the bottom of that bush.  I'm afraid an ill fate will soon come to these critters as they'll be removed shortly.

That big black mass at the bottom branch is all bees and hive.

I attended the Photo Club annual awards this morning.  Just love to see the beautiful photographs these folks produce during the year.  They had a nice turn out too.  Club leader is Bill Leeson.

I only took one photo as I thought I could just copy some from the club's website but later found out the site is blocked for club members only.  Too bad all their beautiful work is locked away.  Hopefully, they'll reconsider and open the site for all of us to enjoy so they can show off their talents.

Last Monday we had a huge winner at bingo.  Congratulations to Jim Koch as he walked away with over $900 in prize money.  

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Dog Agility, Poker, Patio Lunch and a Travel Story

After weeks of training classes, today was a chance for our four-footed furry friends to show off their skills at the dog agility park.  The Humane Society and Dogs & Suds Grooming were present to support the event.  These courses are challenging for both the dogs and the owners as they have to keep ahead of the dogs on the route.  It was fun to watch and we congratulate everyone involved for a lovely morning activity.

What a beautiful day to have lunch out on the patio.

The flowers are in full bloom and are beautiful thanks to the dedicated work of our landscaping and maintenance crews.

Marilyn Goeken was busy in the kitchen on Wednesday as the crew dished up our delicious taco salad.

Tuesday was the 6th annual "Battle of the Sexes" poker tournament in the Adobe Room.  There were 41 men and 50 women entered which just about maxes out all available room.  We even had to seat some tables with 9 to accommodate everyone.

Congratulations to Tom Langwell for first place and Linda Beaumont in second.

Our good friends, Don and Susie Nunley, have returned from a vacation of a lifetime as they took a private charter world tour with National Geographic.  We got to share their adventures during their photo presentation on Saturday.

There are so many fun activities and events going on these days but don't forget to check out the pretty cactus blossoms that are starting to emerge.