Thursday, August 17, 2017

Kitchen Info & Ballroom Walls

We had some questions about this photo:  What is it??

It is called a ‘grease trap interceptor’.  All commercial kitchens have one.  It separates and collects the grease that goes down the kitchen drains.  We have the grease pumped out by a commercial company 3 times per year.  The old grease trap was no longer adequate for the size of our new kitchen.  It was dug up and disposed of.


Donna Cox gave me a tour of the construction in the mail room.  She and her crew are excited about finally having enough room to handle the huge volume of mail and packages they receive on a daily basis.

Last night's TV news cast was about the proposed Amusement Park to be built outside of  Casa Grande to the tune of four BILLION dollars.  The city council approved the zoning change to 1500 acres to accommodate the facility.  Expected completion date is 7 years.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Drying Out

We're slowly drying out from Saturday's rain downpour.  This morning we awoke to a wonderfully cool 75 degrees.  It was Great!  It's 8:30 am now and we're back up into the 90s but it was nice while it lasted.  

Work continues at the ballroom.

We'll send the drone up over the north 40 this weekend but right now it just looks the same with back hoes and mounds of dirt.  They're working hard every day but it all looks the same in a picture.

Our landscape crews are busy too.  We see them blowing  pine needles and other debris from between the houses on the golf course.  That's really nice of them to do that.  

We spotted a little more storm damage over by the tennis courts.  Looks like they're in need of a new awning over their pavilion area.

My computer mouse is much more patient and helpful than our "other" mouse!  

He climbs up here on the desk every morning to keep me company while I send out emails and work on photos.  It's very distracting!!

We're still working on some discipline and training.  Mouse is not allowed on the kitchen table but he certainly likes to keep an eye on what we're doing.

I'll label this photo:  "Whatcha doing up here??"

This is like the teenager "pushing the limit".  I can hear him thinking:  "How much can I get away with before she hollers at me?  I'm not actually sitting on the table."

Monday, August 14, 2017

RV Storage & Overflow Parking Announcement


Below are instructions for booking RV Storage/Overflow Parking at Palm Creek

  • Available storage dates are from December 1, 2017 to April 30, 2018.
  • For those onsite, you may come to Guest Services to put in your request.
  • For those calling in - call 800-421-7004 and press 0, NOT 1 (we will not be answering the phone, rather we will let the voicemail time stamp all calls.)
  •  Leave a CLEAR message on the machine including name, phone #, site #, and reservation request including length of RV/utility trailer/etc.
  •  Calls (and walk-ins) will be returned and prioritized on a first-come, first-served basis (it may be the following day before we get back to everyone but all calls will be returned).
  •  Emails will NOT be accepted.
  • Only the actual resident may call; house watchers/friends can NOT make reservations for anyone.
  •  Only one reservation per site (i.e., overflow parking or RV storage).
  •  Call Center will NOT take calls; do NOT leave a message with a Call Center rep.
  •  Do NOT leave a message BEFORE 8:00am, Arizona time. Any calls received prior to 8am AZ time will go to the back of the line.

 Payment for the full storage time must be paid in full at time of reservation.
    • Rates (including tax):
      • RV Storage: $65.22/mo
      • Utility Trailer Storage: $27.18/mo
      • Overflow Parking: $40.92/mo

PLEASE NOTE: Guest Services has a list of storage areas around the area so please let us know if you’d like us to send you a copy.


Wow!  We definitely had a good strong old-fashioned thunderstorm Saturday night.  Our weather gauge up on the roof says 1.2 inches and someone on Nextdoor said they had 2 inches.  No damage was reported in the park but there were some downed trees elsewhere in Casa Grande.  

Golf courses in the area are definitely closed due to standing water....including ours.  It will take a few days to dry out.

The rain may delay installation of the sewing room as it is currently a new wading pool.

There are some nice sized puddles out at the north 40 but the muddy earth just makes for easier digging so their work continues without a problem.

Our new concrete had time to cure so the rain did not affect it either.  Today we saw them installing steel pillars for the drop off area in front of the ballroom.

We're definitely sneaking up on autumn.  I can tell because the daddy-long-leg and harvestman spiders are becoming very plentiful.  It's time to carry a duster with us when we make our morning rounds so we can kill and chase away the critters from the doors before entering.

Mouse has been patiently waiting for me to finish up at the computer.

He just came in carrying his favorite toy so I guess play time has begun.
Have a GREAT day!


I couldn't resist this photo.  Instant smiles!!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Ballroom Information

Here are some photos of that HUGE steel beam that has been installed above the ceiling in the ballroom.

With this man standing next to it, you can really see how BIG the beam is!

The Ballroom will have two sliding partition walls a lot like the sliding walls that are in Santan and Sonora. The dividing walls are extremely heavy and require the steel beams to carry the weight.   When completed, we will have the ability to separate the Ballroom into three individual spaces if necessary.  One of the sliding walls is in the old section of the Ballroom.  The attached photos are showing the beam going into the old section  of the Ballroom.  As they start framing the new section of the Ballroom, you will see the second beam go up for the sliding wall in the new section.

Above 6 photos from Jim Dawson.

Today Mouse is NOT patient for playtime.  Guess I have to sign off for the day.  LOL

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