Thursday, August 24, 2017

Drone above ballroom

From Gary Lambert, Operations Manager at Palm Creek:

We will be shutting down the residential phone service late next week (end of the month). I am waiting to hear form our contractor to get firm details.  Once I get specifics, I will also plan to send out a mailbox stuffer to catch the folks who don’t read the blogs.


Phoenix endured another bout of heavy rain last night but all we got was some wind and more dust.  We're ready for rain but it just seems to go around us.  The radar looked promising but.....alas....all the rain went around us again.

It did give us another awesome sunset though!

Say hello to another new member of our staff.  This is Rafael Montalvo, our new Facilities Technician.  This morning his assignment was to install new LED lighting to the laundromats and restrooms.  He is also a drone enthusiast so watched a while as Don sent "Maverick" over the ballroom.

We spent lots of time at the ballroom this morning as there is sooooo much "stuff" happening now.  The structure is going up fast as the trusses are installed overhead.

HUGE crane!!!!

This is a good picture of how many have already been added and how close together they're installed.

It's fascinating to watch how fast they can pick up a truss and swing it around in place.  Here's the video from "Maverick" flying high above.

Lots of work still progressing out in the north 40.

That's all for construction pictures today.  Mouse got bored so is in the other room pestering Don at the moment.  I did get a photo of the little devil at work last night.  I left my milk glass on the end table while I cleared my dishes from the TV tray.  Needless to say, the glass was VERY empty when I returned.

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