Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Ballroom, Sewing Room, ProShop Action

LOTS of stuff happening today!  The other steel beam is already in place.

Wish I could have watched them lift it into place.

Truckloads of supplies keep arriving.

Starting over again at the ProShop.  Don't ask.  

The BIGGEST news is the sewing room has now found its new home!  It was fascinating to watch as it was all moved by a robot!!  (sort of a robot anyway)

Everyone came out to watch the action.

Here's the owner/operator and a close up of the machine.

It is all controlled with a remote.

It's the perfect tool for this close quarters job as there was no room for a big truck.

Job well done.  Now just walk back to base.

This fancy truck is how the "robot" is transported.  I would have enjoyed a conversation with the owner.  He obviously enjoys machinery!

All three units were moved within an hour.  Fast service!

Job well done!

The never ending task of weed control goes on daily.  This contractor has trucks and crew in here daily spraying our gravel to keep the weeds from sprouting up.  They even walk between all the sites with a spray tank on their back.

Our housekeeping staff works hard all summer too helping to keep the resort looking nice.  Here's Dora at work outside the sales office.


Mouse Tail for today:

Mouse likes to play inside this case of coke.  He crawls under the plastic and likes to hide in there.

A few minutes ago, I heard this weird hissing sound and Mouse fled across the room.
The little devil actually bit into a can and caused it to spray out.  Don't underestimate the power of a kitten's sharp little teeth.  

Such a sweet "innocent"??? kitten.


  1. Come on Sue. Tell us more about the Pro Shop "screw up".

  2. Sue there seems to be a problem with the "Sewing Room Move" video above. Clicking on it just indicates that it is still processing.


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