Saturday, October 19, 2019

Balloon Rides

Our resident Palm Creek balloon pilot, John Ross, has returned to the park from summer vacation and brings exciting news.  

We're used to seeing the blue and white sailing over the park as shown here:

 He now has a new balloon even bigger and more colorful. 

John has arranged for 10 (TEN) of his fellow pilots to bring their balloons to our Cancer Awareness weekend.  They will do another colorful night glow on Friday, January 31.  It will be thrilling to see that many balloons right here in our park.  Mark that date on your calendar now as they will definitely be looking for volunteers to assist with the set up.

John will still offer rides this year but mostly just for us Palm Creekers.  He will be available the month of November and then again after the holidays January into April.  You can contact John at Site 433 or through his email at

Here are a few pictures from the recent Albuquerque Balloon Fest:

Friday, October 18, 2019

Mr. Boneapart

Our new Social Media person (Sandy Foulks) is conducting a Mr. Boneapart event.  Find Mr. Boneapart, take your photo with him and send it to Sandy.  She will post it on the Palm Creek Facebook page.  Fun!

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Work Progress & Opening PB Tournament

Have you seen this nice display behind the sales office?  They've assembled a great viewing area to demonstrate the kind of brick work that can be done around homes in in the park.  

It's easier to make a choice when you can see a true sample.

Our greeters will have a lovely shelter this year to keep them warm during winter season.  
I remember the first time we drove in to Palm Creek and were greeted.  It made a great impression on us.

Work continues on reseeding the golf course.

Seeding time.

Soon the whole course will be this beautiful green.

Hundreds of pounds of extra seeds for those hungry doves.

Today was the opening ceremony for the Military Pickleball Tournament.
A color guard presented the flags for the National Anthem.  I didn't get a photo or the man's name who lead us in the song.  He did a magnificent job with his strong voice.  

The park had a booth to welcome visitors.
Marion Nelson (Special Events Director), Scott Houle, (General Manager) and Marguarite Houle (Sales Manager)

If you heard a lot of strange train whistles this morning, it was the "Big Boy" steam locomotive that is touring the country and made a brief overnight stop in Casa Grande.

Friday, October 11, 2019

October Progress

Say hello to Mark Kenner's new assistant:  It's his wife, Donna!  Welcome aboard, Donna!!

We already saw a great example of their teamwork this morning when we spotted them picking up a huge cactus arm that had fallen into the street from a resident's plant.  Good thing they both carry gloves with them!  

Mark and his team have done a wonderful job this summer of sprucing up our resort and getting ready for residents to return.

The golf course is coming along.  Still some dusty thatching to do but the front nine is turning a luscious green already.

The new street sweepers are busy at work.  They spray a light mist of water to keep down the dust.

We saw some ambitious tennis players at work cleaning the courts.
Special thanks to Mike Murray, and Hank and Gladys Olson.

It was a beautiful morning to drive around on our rounds.  It was a cool 60 degrees -- almost time for a light jacket!  We're expecting a high of 90 today.  Perfect!

We saw lots of people out working and also chatted with those who are just out enjoying the lovely morning.  Here's Ron McCartney and his dog soaking up some rays.

I was asked to publish this announcement from the Casa Grande RC club.

The Casa Grande RC Flyers, and Academy Of Model Aeronautics award winning club,
is ready to start their fall flying and event schedule. The club, with their airfield at 2725
S Isom Road in Casa Grande, will begin their winter flying schedule on November 1 st .
Club member can fly any day they desire but most of the activity takes place on
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings after 9:00 AM. The club holds major
events and swap meets, raising money for area charities, on the second Saturday of
each month, November through March. The first such event this season will take place
on Saturday November 9, 2019 when the club will celebrate National Model Aviation
Day at their field with a swap meet and fundraiser for The Valley Humane Society. All
events are open to the public and there is never a charge for admission or parking.

Back at home, the cats are enjoying another home pick up from Olive Garden.  They love those bags!!

Thursday, October 10, 2019

October Excitement

Greetings!  Welcome to the wonderful month of October!!  

Reseeding the golf course is a tad dusty and our crews are hard at work getting ready for the season.

Once planted and watered, it doesn't take long for the grass to grow.  The lawn bowling area looks great already.

Front 9 of the golf course is coming in nicely.

Our crew must plant pounds of extra seed to keep the doves happy.

It's always exciting to see the flower beds being prepped.

Driving down Granite, we saw a truck delivering some big plants.

We met Jay and Rudell Hegnes as they watched their new plants and shrubs being unloaded.  It's always nice to meet new Palm Creek friends!

Don is slowly learning not to leave his cupboard doors open while he showers.  Kat loves to "rearrange" things when given the opportunity.

Results look like this.

Sunday, October 06, 2019

Drone flight near hotel

It was a beautiful day for a drone flight over the hotel construction.

Friday, October 04, 2019

Let the Season Begin

A week or so ago I posted this photo of a bare Activities Board because we came to the end of our summer season.

We've turned the calendar page to October and here are results:

Today was a big celebration for opening the main pool after the major renovation of replacing all the concrete with lovely pavers.  We were treated to a nice luncheon on the deck and patio.  VERY nice!  

We also have some new faces on staff.  Say hello to "Susan" who will be greeting us at the front desk.

Another one of the advantages of living in a gated community like Palm Creek is that outside solicitors are not allowed to come knocking on your door to sell items or services.  If you should be bothered by a solicitor (known as a door-to-door salesperson in the old days), just contact the front desk at 520-371-5830 and a ranger will come to approach the vendor.  If after hours, contact the gate house at 520-371-5860.

(**This message is from PC management.)