Sunday, May 19, 2019

Casa Grande Update

Today's Casa Grande Dispatch had an informational testimonial from the city Mayor regarding the status of the major proposed projects we've been hearing about.  If you click on each article, you should be able to enlarge it for reading.

Phoenix Mart:

Lucid Motors:

Sam's Club Property

Dreamport Villages (Proposed Multi-Million Dollar Amusement Park)


Another newsworthy item from the RC Flying field.  About 30% of their members are Palm Creek enthusiasts.

Don doesn't need Dreamport Villages for entertainment.  He slips on those goggles and can fly anywhere in the world he wants to be. 

I watched this man busy at work sweeping gravel from the curbs back onto the lots.

His cart looks like he's also picking up debris from the trees and, in general, working hard to keep our resort looking its best.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Summer Poker Play

Summer poker games are scheduled:

  • Monday night 6:30 Texas Hold'em
  • Tuesday morning 9:30  Omaha 5-card
  • Wednesday night 6:30 Texas Hold'em
  • Friday night 6:30 Texas Hold'em ($15 - chip bounty)
  • Saturday afternoon 1:00 Omaha  ($10 rebuy)
  • Sunday afternoon 2:00 Texas Hold'em, deuces wild (one time trial game)


I stumbled across this cute video of when Mouse was just a baby.  So cute!!!

Friday, May 17, 2019

Weed Control Misunderstanding

Whoops..........there is a misunderstanding about the new weed control company.  On Wednesday, May 15, I posted:  "Here is the new contractor who is going to take care of weeds for all of us."

I did NOT mean that the contractor was going to do individual sites.  I just meant that they were spraying for the resort.  Sorry if I caused confusion.  Homeowners are still responsible to maintain their own sites.  It was poor wording on my part.

Here is the new contractor who is going to take care of weeds for all of us.
Nice truck!

GM News

Big news!!  Our General Manager, Kevin Flynn, is retiring at the end of this month.  He has probably watched us "creekers" enjoying ourselves so much that he wants to spend time with his family and friends too.  We wish him well.

The main pool is clean and full of fresh sparkling water once again.

But it looks like Eddie is still struggling with the machinery in the pump house.

John is still working on installation of electric lights replacing the solar.

Our crews are busy all over the park with trimming the zillion bushes & shrubs.

This beautiful plant resides at Site 275.  I googled the photo with Google Lens and see that it is a form of Calibrachoa from the petunia family.

Check out this beauty at Site 714.
Julie has been busy making sure her cactus has permanent blossoms!

I continue the same old story of how beautiful our weather has been.  
What a gift!!  It is 12:00 noon right now and only 80 degrees.  Love it!!

Say Hi to Jim and Diane Reese as they were out cruising this morning.

I checked with the mail room this morning.  They still have about 350 open mailboxes to tend.  That's a rough guess of about 600 people still here to enjoy this weather.

Thursday, May 16, 2019


Our weather is an unbelievable gift for this time of year!!  It's wonderful.

Our golf cart is in the shop for a little maintenance so we did some errands on our bikes this morning.  One primary stop is always by the pond on #9.  Today we watched several duck families enjoying their day.

Time for a rest after so much swimming.

A troop of happy golfers passed through.  
Beautiful weather and FREE golf!!

The pond and the creek are all nice and clean.  Looks lovely.

Swoop day is still on Wednesday afternoons.

Here's the photo award for the day from our son, Anton.
His nickname is "Ant" so the picture means more to us.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Here is the new contractor who is going to take care of weeds for all of us.
Nice truck!

 Look at this crazy cactus.  That blossom really had some stretching and growing to do in order to reach up to the sun.

Last night was our weekly Tapas Tuesday.  Numbers are decreasing as summer advances.  We had 55 in attendance.

Still plenty of good food to feed at least twice that many people.

A pair of mockingbirds were actually threatening us as we walked around a house this morning.  They must obviously have a nest somewhere nearby.

Our maintenance staff is busy at many tasks.  These big over grown bushes were removed so they could get down to an irrigation line.

Chain saws are busy with trimming wherever we go.

Cat and Mouse are watching kitty TV.
The sneezes have dissipated and both fur buddies are back to good health.  Thanks again for all the cheery FUN emails we received.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Mother's Day

It was a beautiful bright blue sky with big white fluffy clouds and a fantastic 72 degrees this morning.  Just ideal for a nice bike ride around the park.

I noticed the pre-emergent spray has been applied along the entry way to the park.  We have a new company subcontracted to take care of the weeds for summer.  I must get a picture of their fancy truck as it looks pretty sharp.

It certainly is a pretty view looking down the 13th fareway.

I stopped at the north gate to chat with Ricki Persing who was on duty.  I'm guessing it is a pretty quiet job.  

Ricki says she loves looking over the cotton field across the street.

Later in the morning I logged onto the internet to play Mahjong with friends.  Shirley is way up in Canada somewhere but when we connect on Facetime, it seems like she is here in the room with us.

I tried to pull out some of my beading supplies to create some new earrings but it is an impossible mission with Mouse around.  He just won't leave the beads alone soooo.....all the beads went back into a big box under the bed. 

Since I can't bead, I thought I'd switch to the computer for a blog entry.
Kat says that's fine with him and he will keep me company.

I had sooooo much fun and entertainment from all the blog readers that wrote get well letters to Kat.  That was so awesome to get Kat fan mail.  Thank you all for the emails.  Certainly made my day!!


From that pretty blue sky in morning came dark rumbling clouds in the afternoon.  We had a lovely thunderstorm with rumbling thunder and a good drenching.