Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Rainy Weekend

Good Morning everyone.  I can see by the stats page that many folks are logging in this morning so thought I'd say hello although I have nothing new or exciting to report.  We've had several chill rainy wet days in a row now and we're NOT used to that so we're all a little disappointed in the weather. 
How sad that this rain had to come on such a big weekend for all the sporting events like the big golf tournament and activities in Phoenix AND the softball tournaments that were scheduled here at Palm Creek. Very disappointing to many of us spectators..........but the sun will soon shine again and we'll be outdoors for more adventure.  Into every life a little rain must fall.  At least we're not back east battling the snow storms!  Have you seen this cute video?
I hope you all received the nice flyer in your mailbox regarding the upcoming Cancer Awareness weekend.  I don't know who created the flyer but as a computer nut, I thought it was very nice to make the informative and attractive brochure instead of just typing it all on a single sheet.  We send kudos to the person responsible. 
If you've never taken a hot air balloon ride, get up to Activities and sign up.  It's a very different perspective from up above.  It makes the world look like a diorama. 
Have you seen the awesome totem pole created by our friends in pottery??  Be sure to check it out as it is on display outside the pottery room. 
Remember that Jim and Chris Guld from Geeks on Tour will be returning here to the park this week.  They will be guest speakers at the Computer club meeting this Wednesday and are presenting a session about Windows 8.  You are welcomed to attend as a guest.  Meeting starts promptly at 9:30 so you may want to grab a cup of coffee and come early.  I believe we'll have a good crowd.  You can help us set up chairs.  :)
Monday, Feb 9, 7:00 pm Santan Room -- Technology for Travelers
Wednesday, Feb 11, 6:00 pm Prickly Pear Bldg. -- Organizing Photos w/Picasa
Thursday, Feb 12, 1:00 pm Sonoran South -- Smartphones & Tablets
Friday, Feb 13, 4:30 Sonoran South -- Facebook
Classes are FREE so take advantage of this opportunity.
See you there!
Today's cartoons are all about CATS.  Have a great day!


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Just saw another nice post on the Palm Creek Facebook page reminding everyone about the hot air balloon rides coming up next weekend to support the Cancer center.  All proceeds to go our LOCAL support center.  If you haven't had a balloon ride and viewed our beautiful resort from the air, this will be a great opportunity.  It's awesome!
(from PC Facebook by Angela Durrell:

"Are you ready to fly? As part of our fundraising effort for the Cancer Support Center here in Casa Grande, we will be hosting hot air balloon rides. There are currently flights available on Saturday and Sunday morning for two types of ride:
Hot Air Balloon Ride—Saturday, February 7th, 2015-$175 per person
Float free and enjoy a journey across the sky with the beauty of an ever-changing landscape beneath you.
Tethered Balloon Ride– Sunday, February 8th, 2015- $20 per person. Float above home and see it from a new perspective.
All proceeds will benefit the Cancer Support enter in Casa Grande! Sign up TODAY in the Activities Office to reserve your spot!"


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Spaghetti Dinner Rescheduled

Help spread the word:

The Casa Grande Fire Department Spaghetti dinner scheduled for this Wednesday, January 28, is being postponed until Friday, March 6.  One of the members of the Fire Department has recently passed away so the dinner is going to be rescheduled.  Hang on to your need to exchange them.

Monday Morning Coffee - Banner Hospital

I really enjoy our weekly Monday morning coffee sessions on the Bistro patio.  If you're an early riser, come join us next week.  Pick up your FREE tickets in Activities.  Even though it is free, tickets are required so accurate food and beverage counts can be made. 

We do tend to cluster around those wonderful fire pits in the early morning cool temps. 

This week's sponsor was Banner Casa Grande Medical Center and the main speaker was Rona Curphy who is the Chief Executive Officer.  As a full time resident of Casa Grande, I am delighted to hear that Banner has moved into our community to upgrade our health care.  Rona talked about several subjects that Banner is bringing our way, but the EICU unit sounds outstanding.  (Electronic Intensive Care Unit).  I asked Rona for more information and received the following article via email within the hour!  It is lengthy but interesting.........especially for those who live here full time.

Where would any of us be without advanced technology? We’re living in a “technology era.” From our cars, to our cellular phones, technology helps us in our everyday lives, making things easier and even safer for us. The great part about technology is that it can also save lives! That’s exactly what will happen at Banner Casa Grande Medical Center, starting Tuesday, Dec. 9.
Once Banner Telehealth’s TeleICU (intensive care unit) program officially goes into service at Banner Casa Grande, it will save lives by teaming on-site medical staff with intensive-care specialists or intensivists and experienced nurses. These intensivists follow patient care from remote monitoring centers located in Mesa, Ariz.; Santa Monica, Calif.; Denver, Colo.; and Tel Aviv, Israel.
Specialists and nurses at the centers use specialized software and audio/video technology to continuously monitor patients’ vital signs, lab tests and other important medical data to track progress and watch for changes that might signal a problem.  This highly sensitive monitoring technology gives the Banner Telehealth team the ability to quickly notice changes in a patient’s condition, should they occur, so they can be addressed immediately.  If a change in the patient’s condition is detected, the Banner Telehealth specialists work with the bedside medical team to help determine what course of action is appropriate. 
In addition to providing this state-of –the-art care in the ICU, Banner Casa Grande patients will also have the benefit of this type of technology and access to specialists in the Emergency Department. “We’re really excited about this technology and how it’s going to enhance the care for our most critical patients,” said Kelly Kieffer, Chief Nursing Officer for Banner Casa Grande. “Our medical staff is ready for it when we go live in a few weeks. Banner Telehealth has had this in place for several years; it’s been extremely successful and helped saved thousands of lives. Now that we’re a part of the Banner Health family, it’s gratifying to know that our nurses and doctors will be able to save more lives and that our local community will have that extra layer of care.”
Banner Health was one of the first in the nation, and the first health care provider in the states of Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada to use this telehealth technology to monitor patients who are a few miles to thousands of miles away. “Banner has always been a leader in providing excellent patient care - but Banner is also leading through innovation. The Banner Telehealth program focuses on cross-continuum tele-services including remote monitoring of patients throughout the Banner system, including individuals in their homes. This investment in technology, people, and processes to improve patient outcomes provides yet another example of how Banner is an emerging national leader in healthcare” said Julie Reisetter, Chief Nursing Officer for Banner Telehealth. 

Currently, the Banner Telehealth TeleICU program covers 430 ICU patient beds throughout 18 of Banner’s 25 hospitals. According to a national database of ICU patient experience, from 2007 to 2012, there were 5,849 intensive care unit patients at Banner Health hospitals who were expected to die, but instead survived thanks to this technology. During that four-year period, Banner Health ICU patients stayed 109,348 fewer days. They were then able to be transferred to a less acute setting where their risk of death and complications were significantly reduced.
“Banner Casa Grande is considered a rural hospital,” said Rona Curphy, CEO of Banner Casa Grande Medical Center. “To have this type of technology available in our own medical facility like the bigger hospitals - for example, Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center in Phoenix- is going to be absolutely phenomenal. Our patients and their loved ones can have that peace of mind that they have faster accessibility to critical care specialists and experts in their own back yard.”
Since its transition from Casa Grande Regional Medical Center this past summer, to Banner Casa Grande Medical Center, the hospital has already undergone a multitude of changes including a newly refurbished front lobby that was officially unveiled to the public on Tuesday, Oct. 28. An open house was held that evening so that members of the local community could see what the new front lobby looks like. Other recent changes to the facility include a fresh new coat of paint on the exterior building, and new signage reflecting the name change to Banner Casa Grande Medical Center.
“Our transition has been rapid but remarkable,” Curphy said. “It’s exciting to see all of these new changes taking place – a new front lobby, a new look to our building and new technology like the Banner Telehealth TeleICU program. I can tell you that this is just the beginning, and I’m looking forward to what we’ll be able to provide to our patients in the future.”
For more information on services offered at Banner Casa Grande Medical Center, please go to:






Monday, January 26, 2015

Fireman's Spaghetti Dinner to be Rescheduled

Help spread the word:
The Casa Grande Fire Department Spaghetti dinner scheduled for this Wednesday, January 28, is being postponed till a future date.  One of the members of the Fire Department has recently passed away so the dinner is going to be rescheduled. 

Hold on to your tickets and wait for further announcements. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Old Tucson Studios Tour

Wagons Ho!  We boarded up and headed down to Old Tucson Studios yesterday.  (We liked the words on the back of our bus!)

Photo by Jan Theiault
It was a pleasant leisurely day to stroll through the streets and rustic settings from the old movie sets.  Over 300 western movies have scenes from Old Tucson studios with many famous actors/actresses.  It was fun to read the history of who was present and the many movies filmed here.  Now we look forward to some cozy evenings in front of the TV with remote in hand to review some of those shows and see if we recognize the scenes.

My favorite photo of all is this one:  Chris Steward and Vic Bourcier sitting in front of the Taxidermist shop.  Next??

Inge's Fashion Show

Inge from Inge's Fashions made this the BEST fashion show we've had.  Inge is fun, entertaining, and very knowledgeable about the retail clothing industry.  We were delighted to have her there and the clothing line she represents.  Most items were "Made in the USA" which drew another round of applause from the audience.
If you haven't shopped at Inge's store yet, hurry on down and check it out.  She carries a large selection of sizes and great quality brands.  Her store is located in Old Town directly across from the Big House CafĂ©.  Shop at the store and then have lunch with friends.  Makes for a fun day.
Angela Durrell is our Social Media person for Palm Creek.  She is rapidly becoming a familiar face as she roams through the resort looking for news items to post on the Palm Creek Facebook page. 
Today's Fashion Show was a riot of beauty and color as some truly lovely ladies modeled some stunning selections from Inge's in Casa Grande. The audience was kept in stitches as Inge delivered commentary and hilarity in equal measure -- we should book her for her own show sometime. It was a really fun afternoon, and everyone had a great time. Plus, great clothes!! -- Angela

Photo by Angela Durrell on Facebook



Thursday, January 22, 2015

Here Come the Geeks Again!

Jim and Chris Guld from "Geeks On Tour" will be passing through Casa Grande again on their speaking tour from Phoenix down to Tucson and have agreed to spend more time here at Palm Creek.....this time offering their computer classes FREE of charge!  Sign up on the bulletin board in Activities.

They will also be here on Wednesday, February 4, as special speakers for the Palm Creek Computer Club.  The topic will be Windows 8 and if time allows, more information about smartphones and tablets.  This is a special speaking engagement for the computer club so no need to sign up.  Guests are welcome to attend our meeting on Wednesday in the Santan Room 9:30-11:30.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Jack Rathert from the Recycling Team sent the following article about the great contribution their team makes to local charity and the Casa Grande food bank.  Please study the comments below on how YOU can assist their efforts to save our planet and turn recyclables into CASH.

Current photos and more information to be posted in future.


Our gang is:
Blake and Steve from Victoria, BC;
Kent - permanent park resident;
Jim - Washington;
Ivan - Ontario;
Lee and Jack - Alaska.

When the men are not available several of the wives pitch in.  We have been in
"business" for approximately 7 years.  We have become friends and meet each Wed.
for happy hour. Feel free to ask us any questions about recycling in the park.

We are RECYCLERS not garbage men/women. Our main purpose is to help prevent the
trashing of our environment and secondarily crush and recycle aluminum cans. We
sell them and donate the $$$$$ to the local FOOD BANK. $2,400 on this weeks load.
Total since 2007 is $25,402.03.  That buys a lot of groceries for the needy. We
expect to do it again this season so keep on drinking products in aluminum cans.

We collect cardboard and crush it. We also keep an eye on all of the other bins to
try and keep them orderly. Those bins are for GLASS;  PAPER products and PLASTIC
bottles/containers and STEEL CANS. Disposing of these materials is done by outside
vendors or park maintenance employees.  The park realizes some operating expense
reduction but no money.  The aluminum cans and scrap metal are the only money
product and are used for charity.

As previously stated the WHOLE purpose of the effort is to prevent the trashing of
our planet. Please help us out in accomplishing this.

1.  Aluminum Can containers:  NO GARBAGE; NO PLASTIC; NO DOGGY-DO; NO
TIN (STEEL) CANS; NO GLASS or any other untold icky stuff.
Also please keep the cans in as pristine condition as possible, no bending,
twisting etc as it makes the crushing effort much more difficult.
Our buyers are getting fussy about how the cans are crushed and they pay us less
$$$$$ if not to their liking.



4.  Plastic/Steel Cans bins:  NO ALUMINUM CANS; NO GARBAGE;


The recyclers do nothing with the garbage dumpsters except to retrieve, if easy,
any aluminum cans or card board that people mistakenly put there and we recycle

We also gather and sort out scrap metal both steel and aluminum and sell it to the
junk dealer. You would be surprised at what we collect. More $$$$$ for the food
bank.  If you have any scrap leave it by the garbage dumpsters.

For those recycling-----THANK YOU; for those not interested----please reconsider to
help us out, it is for all of OUR planet, not just the RV park.


Recycle Gang