Monday, December 19, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Just taking a moment to wish each of you readers a VERY

Mahjong & Ukeleles + Dufus

Great Christmas party at Mahjong this week!

Really enjoyed listening to the ukulele group at practice.  They're having FUN!

Even Dufus the wonder dog finds time for a nap.

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Patio lunch, Computer Club, Bridge party, and the Geeks

Our Wednesday "Lunch on the Patio" has begun.  Every Wednesday you can meet your friends and/or neighbors and have lunch on our pretty patio.

Live entertainment provided by our own residents, Dolores Forbis and Larry Marick.

The local Cancer Support Center is holding a healthy cooking event on January 12.  Stop by their booth on any Wednesday during the patio lunch to buy tickets at $10 each for a very worthy cause.  (Nancy Flader was on duty for this week.)

Details of the event.

Lunch this week was taco salad.  Thank you to Robin Perry and her crew!

There are so many events to attend.  Check the nice front bulletin board.

Our computer club is growing too.  It's hard to keep up with technology!

Mark your calendars for the week of March 11 when the Geeks on Tour (Jim & Chris Guld) will be here in Palm Creek.  They give seminars on technology at all the major RV rallies around the country.  Watch the Happenings for details in January.

The Duplicate Bridge group held their Christmas potluck last night.  Sooooo much delicious food.  It was even harder to concentrate on bridge when we had such full stomachs.



Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Wednesday Lunch

Tomorrow, Wednesday, December 7, starts the weekly Patio Luncheons and they're serving my favorite Taco Salad.  Come on up and join me.  Bring a friend.  Hope to see lots of people there.


Mud Dauber Nest

Another Monday morning coffee today.  I always enjoy these as it's just a casual gathering over a quick cup of coffee, another chance to chat with folks we don't necessarily see at our everyday events,  plus a thorough review of upcoming activities.  (not to mention a free donut!)

Quilt of Valor
Mary Lee Jones has created a Quilt of Valor and presented it to her brother-in-law, Norman Jones, in honor of his service in Viet Nam.

A few weeks ago, I posted a photo of a mud dauber nest we found on the side of a house.  It was going to be washed away so I got permission to go after the nest and explore.  It was fascinating!

What a busy little bee that was to build such a magnificent castle.  Imagine how many trips that bee made in order to build such a structure.  She's such a skinny little bee too.


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Bingo note & a Chorus Website

First, a personal note to all Monday night bingo players:  Many of you know my favorite number G55 as I always make a fuss over it when I am the caller.  For several years now, I've joked and said that if anyone bingos on my lucky G55, they win the honor of taking me to dinner.  It's amazing how many times G55 really is a winner.  The last time I was the caller, FOUR people bingoed on that number!  Congratulations!

The "take the caller to dinner" was just a joke, but last night Jackie Olfert brought me a giant candy bar as payback for winning on that number.  How fun!  Also pictured here is Gerry Daniel who bingoed on G55 a year ago.  Since she is a close friend, she took me up on the offer and we enjoyed lunch on her ticket.  Just goes to prove that "Creekers" are fun loving friendly people and full of surprises.


Royal Stokes was present to announce ticket sales for the upcoming Christmas concert to be held on December 8.  He also mentioned that tickets were available through the Chorus website.  I didn't know they had a website so hurried home to look it up.  I published a link to their site on the Palm Creek Clubs page now to give them more visibility.

Many of the clubs and groups here publish blogs or websites to inform their members and prospective members about their activities.  Take a moment to check them out.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Internet Message from Gary Lambert

Gary Lambert, Palm Creek's Office Manager, emailed this morning asking me to post a message to all Dish internet customers:

I have heard that apparently some were missed when the modem speeds were raised. Unfortunately, there is no one button to push that says ‘Update all Palm Creek Modems’. They had to do it by account, and it appears that they missed a few. Please pass along the following instructions…

As part of the new basic package, all ‘Standard Plan’ modems should now provide 25meg of bandwidth. A Speedtest ( )will typically show 22 to 24meg as there is a bit of overhead in there that must be taken into account. This reading will vary somewhat, but if you get more than 15, your modem is already updated. If you are not achieving these speeds, please email me ( with your name, site number, contact phone number in case they need to call you, and the HFC MAC address off of the bottom of your modem. This is a combination of numbers and letters that uniquely identifies your modem to the network, and must be included to update the modem. I will in turn pass it along to Dish, who will be able to adjust your speed remotely. The phone number is in case they cannot identify your account and need to ask some questions.

If we do this and you still are not able to get above 15meg of performance , we will then need to put in a service ticket for Dish so that they can check out your site for other issues.

Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Gary Lambert
Operations Manager


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Club Activities

Donna Christiansen, President of the Palm Creek Pickleball Club, stopped in to officially thank the tennis club for the loan of four of the tennis courts during the national tournament this past month.  Play was restricted to our local residents to use while the main courts were tied up due to tournament activities.

Donna Christiansen, Glenn Carter, Lynn Reiter
 Our local pickleball club has over 900 paid members and the tennis club has 150 members.  Both organizations provide plenty of athletic opportunity but also offer social interaction and events.

Shuffleboard is underway again and they're looking for players.  Go on over to the courts for lessons or information.

Horseshoes is thriving too.  All the courts (pits) were busy this morning.

I used to pitch too but always made my partner stand way back away from the pit as the shoe didn't necessarily land in the sand.  Very enjoyable sport!