Sunday, January 07, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2007! Have you already faced that long hesitation when you try to write the date with the new year?? Ha...join the club.

Our New Year's celebration started off with a fun happy hour at Carol and Bernie's place. Lots of fun, sunshine, good food, and good friends.
Later that evening we had a gathering at Ron and Nancy's new park model to bring in the new year. It was a fun group and we certainly welcome them to the neighborhood. Thanks for a great time! We played a crazy game where we all learned that counting to 30 was a major chore that was beyond us at that hour of the celebration.
The next party followed a few days later. It was an impromptu neighborhood happy hour that started at Jim and Valerie's place. For some reason, that neighborhood has always been party central. We definitely welcome Jim and Valerie, and Ron and Nancy to our new crew of revelers. Our sympathies go to whoever doesn't attend the party. This time it was Mike and Bev who were absent. A few party leftovers somehow wound up in their driveway to welcome them home and let them know they were missed.
That same neighborhood band of revelers arranged for a group dinner the following Friday night. We gathered together and caravaned out to Picacho Steak House for a delicious steak dinner or some of us opted for their famous Friday night fish fry. Great food....and a very "homey?" atmosphere. Take exit 211A off of Hiway 10 to get to the steakhouse for some delicious food. Next time Jerry and Judy better be ready on time!