Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Bingo note & a Chorus Website

First, a personal note to all Monday night bingo players:  Many of you know my favorite number G55 as I always make a fuss over it when I am the caller.  For several years now, I've joked and said that if anyone bingos on my lucky G55, they win the honor of taking me to dinner.  It's amazing how many times G55 really is a winner.  The last time I was the caller, FOUR people bingoed on that number!  Congratulations!

The "take the caller to dinner" was just a joke, but last night Jackie Olfert brought me a giant candy bar as payback for winning on that number.  How fun!  Also pictured here is Gerry Daniel who bingoed on G55 a year ago.  Since she is a close friend, she took me up on the offer and we enjoyed lunch on her ticket.  Just goes to prove that "Creekers" are fun loving friendly people and full of surprises.


Royal Stokes was present to announce ticket sales for the upcoming Christmas concert to be held on December 8.  He also mentioned that tickets were available through the Chorus website.  I didn't know they had a website so hurried home to look it up.  I published a link to their site on the Palm Creek Clubs page now to give them more visibility.

Many of the clubs and groups here publish blogs or websites to inform their members and prospective members about their activities.  Take a moment to check them out.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Internet Message from Gary Lambert

Gary Lambert, Palm Creek's Office Manager, emailed this morning asking me to post a message to all Dish internet customers:

I have heard that apparently some were missed when the modem speeds were raised. Unfortunately, there is no one button to push that says ‘Update all Palm Creek Modems’. They had to do it by account, and it appears that they missed a few. Please pass along the following instructions…

As part of the new basic package, all ‘Standard Plan’ modems should now provide 25meg of bandwidth. A Speedtest (www.speedtest.net )will typically show 22 to 24meg as there is a bit of overhead in there that must be taken into account. This reading will vary somewhat, but if you get more than 15, your modem is already updated. If you are not achieving these speeds, please email me (glambert@suncommunities.com) with your name, site number, contact phone number in case they need to call you, and the HFC MAC address off of the bottom of your modem. This is a combination of numbers and letters that uniquely identifies your modem to the network, and must be included to update the modem. I will in turn pass it along to Dish, who will be able to adjust your speed remotely. The phone number is in case they cannot identify your account and need to ask some questions.

If we do this and you still are not able to get above 15meg of performance , we will then need to put in a service ticket for Dish so that they can check out your site for other issues.

Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Gary Lambert
Operations Manager


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Club Activities

Donna Christiansen, President of the Palm Creek Pickleball Club, stopped in to officially thank the tennis club for the loan of four of the tennis courts during the national tournament this past month.  Play was restricted to our local residents to use while the main courts were tied up due to tournament activities.

Donna Christiansen, Glenn Carter, Lynn Reiter
 Our local pickleball club has over 900 paid members and the tennis club has 150 members.  Both organizations provide plenty of athletic opportunity but also offer social interaction and events.

Shuffleboard is underway again and they're looking for players.  Go on over to the courts for lessons or information.

Horseshoes is thriving too.  All the courts (pits) were busy this morning.

I used to pitch too but always made my partner stand way back away from the pit as the shoe didn't necessarily land in the sand.  Very enjoyable sport!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Fall Festival

That ABBA Tribute Band was AWESOME at the Fall Festival yesterday!  Great music and beautiful weather.  

Over 800 meals were served with swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, gravy, breadstick, ice cream and a bottled water.  There were three busy serving stations so everything seemed to work out nicely.  Congratulations to Robin Perry and her entire crew.  


New Store to Visit

I had to mail a package this week so went to my favorite drop off point, Casa Grande Postal, located by the Frys store on Florence Blvd.  (Say hi to Daniel there.)  As I was leaving, I spotted a new store I hadn't noticed before called "Supply29" so I stopped in for a visit.  Stop in and say hello to Yvonne.

Love to support small locally owned businesses!

Supply 29 as been in business since October 1, 2012 but was involved with just ink and toner.  They decided ink and toner (although necessary) were boring so they diversified in October 2013 and started carrying unique gifts and souvenirs.

The store is filled with cute interesting "stuff".  It will make a great place for exchange gifts, party gifts, stocking stuffers, souvenirs for the grandkids, etc.

You can visit their facebook page at Supply29

Friday, November 18, 2016

Prime Rib Dinner

Don and I must have had a fun time at the prime rib dinner on the Bistro patio Thursday night because neither of us remembered to pull out a camera for some pictures.  Not a problem though as I just copied a couple from the Palm Creek facebook page.  Thanks for sharing, Kristin.

I especially wanted to comment on the wonderful salad bar included with our meal.  We had fresh romaine 
lettuce with all kinds of yummy toppings and dressing choices.  I just couldn't decide which was my favorite.....the potato salad or the broccoli salad.  Yum!  Thank you to Robin Perry and her whole staff for their labor of love in preparing a great meal.  (AND the fresh homemade bread in baskets at each table!)  The salad bar was almost a meal in itself.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Internet Speed, Lawn Bowling, Puppies, Restrooms

Yahoo!!!  We're loving the new high speed internet here in the resort!  Because Don and I are pretty heavy computer users, we signed up for the BIG package of 75 mbps and are very happy.  This high speed requires a new modem from Dish plus you need a high quality high speed router to handle the connection.  I just did a speed test on my computer and we're happy!  

This will definitely increase the speed of uploading my photos to the cloud.  The old system was 1.4 upload but now it's 14.47.  I'm smiling!!  

We should ALL be happy with this new fiber optic upgrade as your connection strength goes UP and your cost goes DOWN.  On the regular basic plan, you should now be getting 20+ mbps where previously you were lucky to get 14-15.  Plus your cost goes from $34.99 to $29.99.  Time to celebrate!


Time to sign up for Lawn Bowling!  I believe Don and a few of his buddies are going to sign up for lawn bowling this season.  I stopped by the clubhouse to check on some information.


Spotted these cute puppies over by the tennis pavilion this week so stopped in to get some information.  The Humane Society will bring some puppies (and kittens??) to visit us each week to try to find good homes for these little critters.


It may not be exciting to see news about a restroom but you get some photos anyway.  I stopped in at the new restrooms by the pickleball courts just out of curiosity to see what they were like inside.  I was impressed!!

Three beautiful CLEAN sinks.

Three individual toilets.

...and three VERY nice private shower rooms.

I would think this was impressive to our many pickleball guests as well.

Boob Bingo at Robson Ranch

The Cancer Support Center held a special fund raiser at Robson Ranch this week and many of us "Creekers" attended the fun event called Boob Bingo.  We played 10 bingo games for several donated prizes and had a good time.

The gang wanted to make sure I was in one of the photos.  These are my friends??

A few participants "dressed" for the occasion to support the cause.

The Palm Creek Helping Hearts group sponsored the event and held a baked goods sale to raise funds for the center.  They should all be awarded bakery chef medals for all the time they spend in the kitchen.