Monday, February 23, 2015

Internet Message from Gary Lambert

Please pass this message along to your neighbors and friends.

Please pass on to the community:

We have had some reports of varying speeds, which I have seen myself. I realize it is short notice, but we are asking Dish’s Internet Provider to come on property and do some performance testing. Unfortunately, in order to do that, we need to take the network off line for a short while. We are ASKING for the testing to take place at noon tomorrow (Tuesday), and it should last between 15 and 30 minutes. .

I apologize for the disruption, but it is necessary to ensure stability longer term.
As always, thank you for your patience and understanding.


Gary Lambert
Operations Manager
Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort a Sun Community
1110 N Henness Road | Casa Grande, AZ  85122
Phone: (520) 421-7000  |  Fax:  (520) 876-8962

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Western Novels

Please pardon a bit of personal advertising.  Computers and blogs are not our only obsession in the Hepler household.

Don has been working on revisions of his nine western novels originally published and sold exclusively by Avalon Publishing.  He has consolidated them into a three-part western series with new covers and new marketing.  Publishing is much easier these days as readers can easily download books into their kindle, iPad, smartphone, or other device. 
Our son, Anton, is the artist in the family so he created the new covers.  As wife and Mom, it's exciting to watch the two of them collaborate on the project.  Many friends have downloaded the series of books and say they enjoy them. 
 I have a favor to ask.  If you have read the books, would you please go to Amazon's kindle library and leave a review of the book?  When purchasing a book, buyers like to read reviews.  Your input will be much appreciated.
Link to Books:  Amazon Books
Click on any of Don's books at to leave a review.  Please and thank you!
Starting Friday, February 20, book one of the Frontier Justice Trilogy "Indian Trouble" will be available for download on for FREE.  It will remain available for five days at no charge.  We know there are many fans of the western genre in the park so if anyone is interested, please leave a review on the Amazon site.  The remaining titles will be on sale soon.
The new cover is actually a photo of our son standing on a high butte overlooking one of the many vistas near Lake Powell in Utah where he lives and works.  Stop in at Bullfrog marina to say hello this summer.

Musical Talents



I've been watching small ads appear on the Nextdoor program calling for musicians of all types.  I understand that small groups are forming and getting together to share their interests and talent.  How fun it would be to see them perform. 

We have harpists, flutists, ukulele players, etc.  I'm sure there are guitarists and other musicians who love to play as well.  We don't need a big fancy production.....just a fun friendly "jam session" under one of the canopies.  No formal presentation, no seating arrangements, no food needed.  Just get together for fun entertainment.  Hope to see some events like this come to fruition.

Calling all Harpists / Harpers 14h ago
Pennie Young from Palm Creek Golf Resort
I play the Celtic lever harp (beginner -low intermediate) and met another lovely lady here who plays, also. We got together today and had fun "noodling" on our harps, and learning from each other. We wondered if there were others here in the park who may also play ? We would love to hear from you and perhaps encourage you to bring your harps next year so we can form a harp circle ! Anyone interested??               
Lorrie Parris from Palm Creek Golf Resort 13h ago
I also play the harp and perform professionally around the area. would love to get together with you, please send details on where and when you meet. I have both my full size and a lap harp with me, I am at site 231 and only have my cell phone here, it is. 360 797-3595. Look forward to meeting you, Lorrie Parris

Native American Flute 15 Feb
Phil Perry from Palm Creek Golf Resort
Do you play Native American Flute or are you interested in learning to play? If so, I'd love to get together to play or discuss how we might pursue it and where it might go. I have been a professional musician and teacher of sax, flute and clarinet for 50 years. I've been playing and studying the NAF for a few years and can help those who are interested in learning to play, improve their technique or get fresh ideas for creating their own music, etc. We can form a flute circle or do group or private lessons, or whatever you are interested in. I realize it may be late in the season, but we can give you something to work on through the summer and look forward to when you return next year.
Mary Hansen from Palm Creek Golf Resort
I'm looking for a flute player/s who might like to have informal sessions playing duets. I also am an intermediate harp student and have some harp/flute music to add to the mix. Let me know if you'd like to give it a try. I used to play a, orchestra, ensembles, etc, but recently mostly for church or monthly recital group. I'd love to have some fun playing again. Very low stress environment...that's my comfort zone! I'm at site 252...

Mary Hansen
Judy Tawney from Palm Creek Golf Resort
We are posting this notice on behalf of Phil Perry.
The first meeting of the circle will be Friday Feb. 20 at 3:00 PM in the Cholla Room. Bring your flutes and we'll go from there.

Quilt of Valor to Russ Hensel

Our amazingly talented, generous, kind-hearted sewing circle has donated another one of their quilted masterpieces known as a Quilt of Valor.  The recipient today was one of our local residents, Russell Hensel.

Joyce Owen, Donna Alfredson, and June Griepp presented Russ with this tremendous gift of honor for time served in the Navy.  The Community Sewing Group meets on Friday mornings and creates wonderful gifts for deserving people in our community.  I keep nagging the group to create a blog or website to publish their achievements and contributions as they are numerous.  The entire sewing group is a true Sisterhood.

I started to ask questions about Russ's naval history and was handed this book that is kept in the Bistro for folks to peruse.
WOW!  I didn't know this book existed.  Be sure to check it out.  It includes a bio of each of the veterans in our park.  Awesome reading!  I hope you can scroll in to read this page (try clicking Control+ to expand the size).  Russ volunteered as a Forward Observer behind enemy lines.

Lawn Bowler Event

Head over to the Lawn Bowling arena to watch the action today.  Our local bowlers have invited 25+ guests from another bowling club in Mesa.  There should be some great matches today.

Manson Polley

Upcoming Events

Mark your calendar for  HUGE EVENTS on Saturday, February 28.  Shows run from 9:00am till 3:00pm.  Lunch will be available at the poolside patio that day as well as at the Bistro.  You can make a day of it right here.
The Artist and Crafters Show and Sale
The Photo Show
The Quilt Show
The Wood Show (from 10:00 -2:00)
All shows are on the same day.  Don't miss them!  You'll be amazed at the beautiful work that will be on display.  We have some extremely talented folks here who work hard at their hobbies and turn out some true masterpieces. 
I copied this article from the Casa Grande Dispatch this morning.
Three Casa Grande RV resorts are teaming up for the Festival of Quilts Exhibit from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Feb. 28. 

More than 300 quilts will be on display in the Fiesta Grande RV Resort ballroom, 1511 E. Florence Blvd.; Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort San Tan Room, 1110 N. Henness Road; and, for Sundance 1 RV Resort and its sister park, Fairways 55-Plus, at the Sundance 1 Hole in the Wall ballroom, 1703 N. Thornton Road. 
Admission is free. Lunch and beverages will be for sale from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Sundance 1 and Palm Creek resorts.
Each location will feature a drawing for a quilt. Fiesta Grande has created “Desert Star,” a queen-sized quilt in desert-themed batiks. 
Palm Creek features “Candy Twist,” a quilt in pastel colors. Sundance 1 and Fairways are featuring a queen-sized modified Log Cabin-design quilt in hues of greens and golds. Tickets for the drawings are $1 each or six for $5. Each quilt is valued at more than $1,000. Each location also will have quilted items for sale, and the quilters will be on hand. Winner need not be present to win.
Palm Creek will have a drawing for an American Girl doll — complete with 10 outfits, made by members of the doll group at Palm Creek, as well as a bed with underbed storage for the outfits and an Adirondack chair. All accessories were crafted and sewn by Palm Creek residents.


Friday, February 20, 2015

Sales Tour + Softball Champions

Don and I couldn't help but notice all the commotion outside our house this morning so stepped out to see what was going on.'s Nancy Paupst, the Sales Manager, giving a tour of homes next door.  WOW!  It's nice to see so many people interested in buying resale houses.  I wonder who our new neighbors will be.
Congratulations to the Sidewinders softball team.   There were four other teams in their division including the Palm Creek Diamondbacks, Sundance, Fiesta Grande, and Robson Ranch.  The Sidewinders ended the season with 12 wins and 3 losses.   In this division, the "B" division the championship was not determined until the last day of play when the Diamondbacks played the Sidewinders.

Thank you to Barb Poole for all the softball photos while I was busy playing at the Pegs table with my good buddies.  Barb is a champ at capturing great action shots.

 Gaylen is a pro at bat and has knocked the ball clear over the back fence on many an occasion.
 Three cheers for "all in" Harry. 


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Congrats to the Mail Room Staff

I copied this off the Palm Creek Facebook page:

The Mailroom broke a few records yesterday!
The day before Christmas record is 10 trays of mail, 7 tubs of flats and 287 Packages.
On Tuesday, the Mailroom did 21 trays of mail, 10 tubs of flats and 306 packages.
"We have a superb team to be able to handle that much mail," says Donna Cox, Mail Room Supervisor. "The 21 trays of mail total about 15,000 letters that were sorted and stuffed in their mail boxes; besides magazines, pink cards, and the like."
"I am extremely proud of our team!" She declares happily.
We have an amazing group of people here who make sure everyone's mail and information gets to them as quickly as possible. We'd quite literally be lost without them!

It's one thing to break a record......but to nearly double the record is quite eventful.  Good job everyone!


I saw the guys from the woodshop attaching balloons and setting out their information posters about the upcoming woodcrafters show.  Don't miss this!  Come see what the guys have been making this season.  Saturday, February 28, from 10:00-2:00.



Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dog Agility Fun Match

Our dog agility area has proven to be a very popular spot these days!  What an awesome site to watch the dogs and their owners run through their paces.  We're confident in saying that it is excellent exercise and FUN not only for the dogs but for the handlers as well. 
Terry Meyers is an avid photographer and has done a fantastic job taking pictures of the recent Fun Match event.  Check out the great photos he posted on Google+.  (Now I have to learn exactly how he did that. :)
Photos by Terry Meyers:  Dog Agility Fun Match

A special thank you goes to Karen Rust and her crew who devote so much of their time to another exciting and fun-filled event at Palm Creek.

It was a great success with lots of amazing runs and happy dogs and handlers.  17 dog/handler teams participated with 6 different agility courses set up to run.  Placement ribbons were presented to the top three dogs in each class.

There were lots of spectators cheering the dogs on and thanks to all the volunteers, everything ran very smoothly.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday announcements

We always enjoy going to the Monday morning coffee hour on the patio by the bistro.  Now that the weather is warmer, we don't have to crowd around the fire pits so much.

There won't be a patio sale in February but one will be put on the calendar for next year as it seems to be a very popular event.  Next scheduled sale is Saturday, March 21.

Bow Wow dog show is canceled for February 24 so take your tickets back to Activities for a refund.

Total cancer donations are still being tallied.  Watch for the grand total to be announced in the March Happenings newsletter.

The new park on the south end of the new dog section will be constructed this summer in order to minimize construction noise and activity during season.

Our sponsor this morning was Norris RV who gave an entertaining presentation about all the supplies and services their company has to offer.  We thank them for the nice door prizes too.

We will be without internet service this Wednesday afternoon for several hours while upgrades are being installed.  Tell your neighbors!


We had two big jackpot winners at bingo tonight.  The force must have been strong for these lucky winners as there were 350 people seated in the ballroom.
Marilyn Greenwood won game six on the designated red card for a grand total of $983. 
Barbara Jackson won game 12 in 53 numbers winning $841. 
Congratulations to both winners!!
Judy Texley is the lucky person who got to write out the checks and hand them over.  Thank you, Judy, for all you do for the bingo crowd.



Bow Wow Dog Show is Cancelled

The bow wow dog show scheduled for Tuesday, February 24 has been canceled due to lack of participation. Next year they will try something new. If you have tickets, take them to Activities for a refund.

Internet Announcement from Gary Lambert

Palm Creek Internet Users:
As I have communicated to many of you in the past, we have been working with Dish to significantly improve the internet performance here at Palm Creek. We did a lot of little things to make it better, and it helped. However, what we really needed to do was increase the available bandwidth to the property. Dish has always been ready and willing to do this, but we had issues with the capacity of the phone company to actually deliver that increased bandwidth to the resort. I am pleased to say that they have made the necessary improvements to their infrastructure to let us make this change.
Accordingly, on Wednesday, February 18, at around Noon, we will be implementing this bandwidth change. We will be going from a 200 meg connection to a 500 meg connection, improving our current connection capacity  by 150%. This will require the internet to be shut down for 2 to 4 hours as we implement this change. However, It could also take longer based on past experience, so plan accordingly. After that, there may also be short interruptions as they continue to optimize the circuit based on actual performance. I am sorry for this, but there is no way around it. This outage will include not only the residential connections, but all of the hotspots in the library, classrooms, and laundries.
If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me at
Thank all of your for your patience as we continue to improve the internet service here at Palm Creek.
Gary Lambert
Operations Manager
Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort a Sun Community
1110 N Henness Road | Casa Grande, AZ  85122
Phone: (520) 421-7000  |  Fax:  (520) 876-8962

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Biking Club

Did you know we have a very active bike club?

The Club rides every Thursday and Saturday, averaging 40 miles round trip  with a lunch break. Ride details/schedule are sent to the Club members by Dave Reiter.  

To join the group or ask questions, send an email to
Be careful out there folks!