Monday, February 16, 2015

Internet Announcement from Gary Lambert

Palm Creek Internet Users:
As I have communicated to many of you in the past, we have been working with Dish to significantly improve the internet performance here at Palm Creek. We did a lot of little things to make it better, and it helped. However, what we really needed to do was increase the available bandwidth to the property. Dish has always been ready and willing to do this, but we had issues with the capacity of the phone company to actually deliver that increased bandwidth to the resort. I am pleased to say that they have made the necessary improvements to their infrastructure to let us make this change.
Accordingly, on Wednesday, February 18, at around Noon, we will be implementing this bandwidth change. We will be going from a 200 meg connection to a 500 meg connection, improving our current connection capacity  by 150%. This will require the internet to be shut down for 2 to 4 hours as we implement this change. However, It could also take longer based on past experience, so plan accordingly. After that, there may also be short interruptions as they continue to optimize the circuit based on actual performance. I am sorry for this, but there is no way around it. This outage will include not only the residential connections, but all of the hotspots in the library, classrooms, and laundries.
If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me at
Thank all of your for your patience as we continue to improve the internet service here at Palm Creek.
Gary Lambert
Operations Manager
Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort a Sun Community
1110 N Henness Road | Casa Grande, AZ  85122
Phone: (520) 421-7000  |  Fax:  (520) 876-8962

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