Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pickle Tourny, Coffee, Craft Fair, Etc.

I hope all of you are having as much fun as I am this season.  Wow.  So much to do and so little time.  Weather has been absolutely perfect.  Those of you that aren't sorry for you.  Hurry back when you can.

Congratulations to all the MANY people who assisted with the huge in-house pickleball tournament.  Your committees seem to be really good at their jobs.  I was only a casual observer but the whole three days seemed flawless.  Great organization.  I've been watching the pickleball blog to see who the medal winners are but it hasn't been posted yet.  That's a HUGE task to get it all done.  They have a meeting today (Wednesday) for photos so we'll probably see results soon thereafter.  Watch their blog for information:  Pickleball Blog.  


We heard some GREAT news at the morning coffee at the bistro Monday!  It was announced that Marion Nelson has accepted the position of Director of Special Events, Activities, and the Kitchen.  The announcement brought a big round of applause as we are delighted to have Marion in that position.  Ha!  Should we send her congratulations or condolences??  LOL   That's a HUGE job.

Yesterday was our monthly craft fair so, of course, I had to be there with pocketbook in hand as there is always "something" I just can't do without.  LOL
Our devoted Cancer Support group was busy at their booth selling all their homemade goodies and craft items.  All proceeds go to the local Cancer Support Center.  Thank you gals for your dedication to a worthy cause.  Their newest addition is that they will also service a local Hospice unit.
P.S.  Those peanut butter cookies were delicious!
The kitchen was truly bustling with activity to get everyone fed in a timely manner.  Busy beavers in there!
It was perfect weather for lunch on the patio.
Don and I had dinner with Jim & Chris Guld (the Geeks on Tour folks) last night at Barro's Pizza.  We had a fun time talking Geek talk and playing with our phones.  Chris showed me how easy it was to take panoramic photos with my smartphone.  Here's my first attempt.
That's all the time I have to post today.  Must hurry off to computer club and get ready for the Geeks on Tour class tonight.  We'll be learning more about my favorite program:  Organizing photos with Picasa.  See you in the ballroom at 6:00. 

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