Saturday, September 15, 2007


Time marches on…and so does the heat. It’s mid-September already but we’re still in the triple digit temperatures. I think I’m ready for some cooler temps. Monsoon season is officially over so Don and I decided it was time to have Malonado come to clean our house. WOW!! They did an awesome job! We are amazed at the difference they made to our little house. The white trim is actually white once again and the patio furniture is all clean enough to sit on. We asked them to wash the outside and to come in to do the carpets. They certainly did more than that!

The outside of the house and patio looks great. They even took down all the screens and washed them plus the windows. They (without being asked) included all the patio furniture and the golf cart! Don’s greasy grimey grill looks practically new again. I can’t compliment their service high enough. What great people to work with. I highly recommend their service to everyone.

Those of you who have been away for the summer….I warn you now that your park model is a mess. When we do our house checks, I have to take a broom along to sweep away the cobwebs before I’m willing to unlock the doors. Some folks have “layers” of dove doodoo all over their patios. If you would like, Don can call Malonado about a week before your return and have them do the outside of the house before you come back. Jolene and Bob Palmer did that last year and said it made their return a LOT nicer. I don’t know what they charge to just wash the outside but here’s their number if you want to call them. Malonado Power Wash 520-560-3374. There….that’s my blog commercial for the day.

The park is preparing for your return. Crews have been trimming bushes and trees every day and this week they repaved the entrance and repainted the crosswalks so everything looks nice and fresh. There’s really a ton of time, labor, and money to keep the place looking as nice as it does.

Last week a group of us took a fun excursion to “Easy Dinner Solutions” here in town. I’ve heard of the place a number of times but had never stopped in. Verna invited a bunch of us (and our spouses) to go down there one evening to check it out. They prepared two major entrees for us to sample and then explained how their service works. I’ll have to take my camera along the next time we go down there cause it’s kind of hard to explain…or maybe I’m too lazy to type that much. It was a fun evening and it’s a service that Don says we’ll try from time to time. He made three take home meals that night and so far we’ve been very pleased with the results.

Speaking of good meals….we stopped in at Macayos this week. It was very good and all went well. It will be a fun place for you to try when you get here. Great margaritas!!

Must sign off now as I have to get ready to play cards at Bob and Bev’s. Can’t miss our weekly games of Hand and Foot. We’ve been keeping track of our scores for the last two years. After all this time, total matches are almost tied. The girls won 21 and the guys won 23……..BUT the girls lead by 14,715 points. It makes for a fun afternoon.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Storms and "Soccer"

We’ve had one long series of dust storms this past week…several of which were real dandies. My trusty reporter (Verna Sheppard) sent these pictures to share with everyone.

It still amazes me how these dust storms just seem to spring up instantaneously. It can be as calm and clear as can be till you casually notice this huge yellow cloud on the horizon. You might as well batten down the hatches because you know it’s coming. Sure enough, the wind picks up, sends the dirt flying, and then just as rapidly disappears. Amazing phenomenon. I took a couple photos too that I thought told the story quite well.

Photo 1: All is calm. A typical summer late afternoon.

Photo 2: You can tell that the trees aren’t moving at all. No breeze…but a distinctive dust cloud off in the distance.

Photo 3: My camera is working fine. The picture looks cloudy because there is so much dust in the air. What you see is actually dust particles.
Photo 4: This particular storm brought some much needed wonderful rain but it certainly came with a fury.

Photo 5: Quite a change in temperature in a short time. I love Arizona!

Exciting news from Jan and George Waters: They have a new puppy to fill the void in their hearts left from losing Rally. Welcome “Soccer”. Soccer is a Chinese Crested PowderPuff. That’s a strange sounding breed, but he looks pretty cute in these pictures Jan sent from Show Low.