Thursday, November 30, 2017

Water Shut Off

This notice was posted on the Palm Creek facebook page this afternoon.
Be sure to alert your neighbors.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Tidbits of Info

Tuesday was another beautiful weather day so I enjoyed watching our team at the softball field.  Games are held each Tuesday and Thursday so come on out to watch.....and have lunch at the sports grill.

Unfortunately, there was a medical emergency for one of the players so 911 was called on the new emergency phone.  It was reassuring to see it in action and know that the service worked very well and an ambulance was dispatched ASAP.

Gary Lambert said this was the 4th use of the phones he was aware of since they were installed and each time success was reported.  Let's all pay attention to where these phones are located throughout the resort.  Take a moment to read the instructions so we are ready in case of any future emergencies.

We pray for a quick recovery.


There were several interesting articles in today's CG Dispatch so thought I'd post them here to share.

First is a big event to be held at the RC Flyers field on December 9.  We have quite a few RC enthusiasts here so hope they'll be participating at this event.

Harrah's Ak-Chin Casino in Maricopa is undergoing a multi-million dollar expansion so all their slot machines are being moved into the ballroom for the next year or so until construction is finished.  The machines will still take your money but the area will be "under construction". cute to see this mini horse......30 inches tall.  An event is being held at the Airport Tavern Saturday from 11:00 to 1:00 so stop out there for lunch and see the little horsie.

Friend Shirley was at our house to watch the Grey Cup this weekend but she was even more entertaining than the game when Kat decided Shirley was a great playmate.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Giving Tree

Over 100 new cards have been placed on the Giving Tree in the Activities Office.
That means 100 more displaced children are anticipating and hoping for a gift for Christmas.

Pick a tag from the tree, sign the book, and make Christmas a little brighter for a child in need.  Don't have time to shop??  Then a cash donation is gladly appreciated and our Palm Creek volunteer elves will do the shopping for you.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Freedom RV +

Check out all the rigs on display from Freedom RV.  It's a lot of work and expense to drive all these rigs up here so we thank Eric and his crew for devoting to much time to Palm Creek.  He is a great sponsor for our resort.

Access to the sewing room is progressing.  Looks like there may be a ramp to this side door?

The sidewalk to the pro shop is done.

Patio pavers still under construction.

Curbs are being poured at the north 40.  Will have to take the drone out soon to take an overhead view.

Interesting story in today's Casa Grande Dispatch:

CASA GRANDE — Mission Royale Golf Course is under new ownership and is open for business.
Harry Sailor, managing partner of Mission Royal Partners LLC, said his purchase of the course has been a long time coming and that he’s excited to bring new life into the course.
“I saw the course for sale two years ago and have been working to get the deal completed,” Sailor told PinalCentral.
Sailor, from Rancho Mirage, California, and his partner, from Newport Beach, California, along with a group of investors from Montana were able to purchase the course from the lender, who previously had planned to auction the course.
“It’s been brought current and will be paid off in a few months,” Sailor said.
Sailor said he plans to retain the course’s 17 employees and said the team will “improve everything across the board.”
The course, inside the Mission Royale subdivision, is open to the public but Sailor said he plans to run it more like a country club, saying that’s what homeowners paid for and what they should expect.
The Eagle’s Nest restaurant also remains open and Sailor said he plans to work with the proprietors to keep the restaurant open for players and the public.
Sailor said he has an extensive career in golf, including 35 years as a PGA pro.
“I’ve worked every job, from the bottom to the top, in golf,” he said.
Sailor said he opened five golf courses in Asia and has worked as the general manager for golf courses for more than 20 years.
“This isn’t my first rodeo,” he said.
Improving the course and upping standards of hospitality will be priorities for Sailor and his crew.
“We’re going to be the best friend in the community. We’ll bring the course up to standards or we’ll go down swinging,” he said.

Weekend Entertainment:


Uh oh..........Don caught me and Kat taking a cat nap.

Thought I'd change the spelling to a K instead of a C.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Construction Update

Spotted this cute barn as we drove down Cactus Drive this morning.

We happened to catch Roland outside so asked a few questions.  Yes!  He built this barn himself with over 2000 little cedar chips for the roof.  Awesome!

Now Roland is crafting some Fast Track game boards.  

Getting ready to pour the sidewalk by the pro shop.

Interior work is underway inside.


 Caught a glimpse of Robin Perry hard at work by the mobile kitchen.  Take time to thank Robin and the whole kitchen staff for the excellent work they're doing from their limited resources.

Still lots of work to do at the ballroom.

Installing a fire hydrant near there.

We got a sneak peek into the new kitchen.  Overhead stove fans are being installed.

New walk-in freezer and refrigerator are almost ready.
That will be MUCH nicer than climbing up into the current semi trailers across the street!

I think the new kitchen will be very impressive!


Cat and "mouse".

Recycle, Coffee, Bingo

I was on my way to the Monday morning coffee when I spied our "recycle" guys so stopped to say good morning.  These four gents spend time every morning crushing aluminum cans to donate to charity.  Thank you!!

Eric from Freedom RV was our sponsor for the coffee and donuts.  He announced that Freedom RV will be bringing 40 new rigs here to display at Palm Creek this weekend.  That's quite-an undertaking!  Be sure to tell your RVing friends about the event.  If you refer a friend to Eric and they buy an RV that day, YOU will receive a $500 cash reward.  Hmmm....who do I know that is looking for a new RV??

  Coffee was held in the Sonora North this morning.

Monday night bingo hosted a nice crowd in the SanTan room.  We thank the volunteers who came in the afternoon to set up all these tables and chairs for us.  The tennis club came later to put it all away.  

Diane Reese was in training as a new bingo caller.  Great job, Diane!!



It takes time and patience to sit at this computer and create blog pages but recently, the job has gotten harder and more time consuming.

Cat loves to rest on my shoulder while I type.

You can see the monitor and notice how Cat helps me type. 

Don walks past and thinks it's hilarious because he has to put up with the little pests during the day when I'm gone.

It is now 20 minutes later.  I'm about done at the computer.  I turned around and look what I see on the kitchen table!!  My cats are not allowed on the kitchen table.  I think I've failed at cat training.......but at least they're on placemats instead of the table???