Friday, November 03, 2017

Kitchen & Patio

What beautiful weather we are having!
Always have enjoyed seeing the colorful fall decorations and naturally, Activities has their office decorated to greet us as we enter.

Thank you to MaryAnn Brown and staff.

Robin Perry and her whole crew were outside cleaning and preparing to move into their new "kitchen on wheels".  Somehow or other, they are going to try to feed thousands of people out of this very small temporary mobile kitchen until their new facility is finished.

There's not much room to move around inside.

I see a refrigerated semi trailer across the street in the parking lot so I imagine that is their temporary refrigerator/freezer for all these upcoming events.  I know they'll be trying their best to accommodate us but please be patient and understanding of all events while construction continues.

Work continues for the Bistro.  Whoops...........I see in the November Happenings newsletter that the Bistro is now called "The Patio".

Building new fire pits too.

Work continues inside the ballroom.

Our Sonora North game room was a busy place for Mahjong today.  We had NINE tables of players already this early in the season. 

We have two types of games to offer now.  This game is called "Western" and is a modified form of the actual Chinese game.  It is very EASY to learn and has become very popular.

We also have many dedicated National players who enjoy the challenge of a more difficult game.

BIG NEWS for dog owners:  The park is installing a fancy new dog wash station over by the car wash and horseshoes area!  Will get more photos as they become available.

Photo courtesy of Sandy Morin


Mouse AND Cat Tails:

OMG!!  What have I done now!!
Just couldn't resist this cute kitten from the shelter.  Mouse needed a playmate, right??  Mouse is VERY full of energy so I thought a playmate would be ideal.

Say hello to little Cat.  Cat is an ideal name for our duo......Cat and Mouse.

Mouse has been a rather jealous bully these first few days.
We've had to keep the water spray bottles close at hand to break up the major squabbles.


Someone please tell Don that life will settle down in a few days.
He's not so sure we've done a good thing by rescuing another kitten.

P.S.  Neither cat will sleep in that new bed. 
 They both ignore it completely. 


  1. Give them some time, they will some become best buds...

    1. Thank you! I need lots of encouragement, hope, and strength!


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