Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Morning Tour

We hopped in the cart this morning to see what was happening around our exciting resort today.

We left the house just as Wade Paupst from Sun State Pest Control arrived to protect our home from crawling critters.  Thank you, Wade, for such great service all these years.  Wade has new business cards now that just list his cell number instead of a land line so if  need his service, just call 520-431-5488.

Next we spied this truck at the tennis pavilion.  I yelled "STOP" and then received a lecture from dear hubby saying "no more kittens!".  

They had three adorable little kittens.  I sure hope somebody stops to adopt them.  They're soooo cute!!

We spotted a fancy concrete cutting machine at work by the pro shop.

Lots of cutting to do to lay in new pipes and underground lines.

Cuts have also been made into the existing Granite Street where the new streets will join.

Robin Perry was unloading new supplies and chatting with Kevin Flynn.  Whoops.......sorry Robin.  The only picture I took was your closed eyes.  You blinked at the wrong time.  LOL

Robin is preparing meals for several pickleball groups this weekend and each group is a couple hundred people.  They'll be serving in the open SanTan/Sonora rooms and will use the Adobe room for prepping all the meals.  Card clubs and other meetings will have to take a couple days off or find an outdoor place to play.  

Our Mahjong players will be at the north Pavilion Thursday night 6:30 and Friday afternoon at 12:30.

Progress continues at the portico at the ballroom.

Then we drove over to see what's happening at the pickleball courts.  Saw this cute flag on one of the nearby homes.



Delicious aroma throughout the grill area

Ron Manley and Mark Kenner were serving up some great smoothies.

Nancy Paupst was busy telling folks about the homes Palm Creek has to offer.

Anyone entering the area should be aware that they are subject to viewing by camera at any time.

Loved Rosemary's colorful shirt!

Couldn't help but notice all the vibrant colors of the apparel folks were wearing.....especially their shoes!  

This booth brought a smile to me.
The pain of too much pickleball.

More volunteers at work.

Awwww....never too young to start them at pickleball.

 This sign has been on display for quite a while but I stopped to admire it today.  Where did it come from?  Did someone make it??  Someone please send me the info.

It really looks nice!

A map showing the court numbers helps.


Then it's back home to peace and serenity.  Cat and Mouse seem to be getting along much better than they did at first.  We bought a second cat tree but this one is directly in front of the window so they're still sharing (sort of sharing).

I had to completely reboot the computer after Cat decided to nap directly on the keyboard. 

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