Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Recycle, Coffee, Bingo

I was on my way to the Monday morning coffee when I spied our "recycle" guys so stopped to say good morning.  These four gents spend time every morning crushing aluminum cans to donate to charity.  Thank you!!

Eric from Freedom RV was our sponsor for the coffee and donuts.  He announced that Freedom RV will be bringing 40 new rigs here to display at Palm Creek this weekend.  That's quite-an undertaking!  Be sure to tell your RVing friends about the event.  If you refer a friend to Eric and they buy an RV that day, YOU will receive a $500 cash reward.  Hmmm....who do I know that is looking for a new RV??

  Coffee was held in the Sonora North this morning.

Monday night bingo hosted a nice crowd in the SanTan room.  We thank the volunteers who came in the afternoon to set up all these tables and chairs for us.  The tennis club came later to put it all away.  

Diane Reese was in training as a new bingo caller.  Great job, Diane!!



It takes time and patience to sit at this computer and create blog pages but recently, the job has gotten harder and more time consuming.

Cat loves to rest on my shoulder while I type.

You can see the monitor and notice how Cat helps me type. 

Don walks past and thinks it's hilarious because he has to put up with the little pests during the day when I'm gone.

It is now 20 minutes later.  I'm about done at the computer.  I turned around and look what I see on the kitchen table!!  My cats are not allowed on the kitchen table.  I think I've failed at cat training.......but at least they're on placemats instead of the table???

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