Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Another daily tour

Our morning started with a visit from the boys at Just Plumbing as they installed a new faucet in our second bathroom.  Their whole staff is sooooo pleasant to work with.  We HIGHLY recommend them.  The owner, Justin, sometimes sponsors a Monday morning coffee for the park.

Brandon & Levi

Had to smile when we saw these two young gents practicing their dinking skill over a couple chairs by the horseshoe pit area.  I guess no other court space was available for practicing.

The big graders are hard at work making the paths for new roads at the north 40.

The next step will be curbs.

We caught some of our kitchen staff in a jovial mood as they're busy preparing for those big meals tomorrow.  Thursday is the big ambassador's dinner for the pickleball VIPs.

The Patio is coming along.

Many many bricks and stones.

Lots of bricks and pavers connecting to the proshop.

Looks like we'll have nice big windows at the back of the bistro diner.

Maverick took a still shot this morning from about 400 feet up.


Cat and Mouse Tails

Thought I'd get a cute picture of the boys at play.  Yes....that blurry fur ball is exactly what we see quite often.

Tell me it was a good idea to get a second cat???

Don gets a little frustrated when he tries to take a peaceful nap in his chair.  Uh Oh.

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