Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Quilt Show + More

Congratulations to Diane Schmaltz for winning the "Battle of the Sexes" poker tournament last night! 
Runner up was Dennis Runyon.  
Another spectacular event this past week was the annual Quilt Show.  It is amazing to see the quality of work done by this group! 
Beautiful quilts were created and donated to the Abused Women's shelter

140 colorful pillow cases were donated to the Children's Hospital.
And over 120 baby blankets and baby clothes were donated to the Casa Grande hospital.  All these items are truly a labor of love and will be enjoyed by many folks in need of cheer and support.
These quilts are works of art!

Hand-crafted purses, doll clothes, and lots of embroidery, cross stitch, red work items were displayed.

Earlier in the week, eager students attended another computer class on how to organize their photos. 
Our weather has remained absolutely perfect for the last month and a half.  Lovely sunshine and warm temps.  It has truly been a wonderful winter here in our adventure land.  In fact, it is sooooo nice outside that I just haven't been disciplined to sit at my computer and work on the blog.  I'm enjoying the season!!
Yesterday, I spent time at the tennis courts watching the activity there.  Tennis lessons and practice sessions were being held along with a couple regular games.  The courts have been very active this year.  Softball games were being held, lots of pickleball, lawn bowling, shuffleboard, horseshoes, golf, etc etc etc.  Too much stuff happening for me to catch it all on camera.  Guess you'll have to be here yourself to take it all in.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Busy People on a Beautiful Day

Another BEAUTIFUL WEATHER day!!  I completed my morning chores around the house, grabbed my camera and headed out to the sunshine.  First stop was at the trash dumpsters to finish the last of my chores.  On the way, I had to stop and say good morning to all the folks at the horse shoe pits.  Every lane was filled.

There was even a line up of people waiting access to the air hose station.  Trailer tires, truck tires, and 2 bike riders were waiting to refresh their air.  This station gets a lot of use. 
Next stop was at the shuffleboard courts.  Again, every court was in use on such a lovely day.
All the tennis courts were filled too.  This is definitely a busy month for the park.
I love to see all the bicycles in the park.  It's a good thing not everyone drives a golf cart or we would be over run with them.
Sure enough.....a waiting line for the golfers too.  It would be a shame not to be outdoors in this 80 degree winter weather.  Sure feel sorry for the folks back east!  Brrrr.
Yes, and while we play, our landscape crew is constantly busy keeping the park immaculately groomed for us.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Dog agility classes were just starting as I arrived. 
Every one of our 24 pickleball courts was in full action.
I heard that we have over 700 members in the "pickleball club".  Wow.  The group is very well organized and is always welcoming newcomers to join in the fun.
I spent the most time over by the softball field.  I think it's my favorite place to pass the time and cheer for our teams.
That is all from this morning.  After lunch it was time to head to the Santan Room and get set up to teach another computer class.  Today we learned to use the Avery template program to create customized greeting cards, business cards, and mailing labels.  FUN!  Next Thursdays class is about organizing your photos.  How to name them and put them in file folders. 
All that made for a busy day.  Hope your day was GREAT too.
Fernando says he likes the cartoons I here ya go Fernando!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Doggie Agility Classes

Thought I would take a moment to honor the Palm Creek residents and their furry friends who participate in the dog agility classes here in the park.  Karen Rust and her team of assistants devote a LOT of time to a FUN activity.

Agility Classes are on Monday and Thursday mornings.
This session, the most advanced dogs running actual courses at 9:30 on Mondays followed by a Beginners Agility class at 10:30.
Thursdays, there is another Beginners Agility class at 9:30 followed by a Foundation Skills class at 10:30.  Feel free to come watch. 

The following photos were taken by Terry Meyers.

 Glenness Batten & Zoe
 Jan Turner and Rusty
 Ken Anderson and Rosa
 Michael McRae and Holly
 Ron Stanley and Nusa
 Sandy Morin and Grace

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Cancer Awareness Weekend with Balloons

T'is the big Cancer Awareness Weekend when the whole resort tries to raise funds for local cancer charities.  Crews and volunteers set up in Palm Park with strings of lights and displays.  There were tables and tables of donated items on silent auction.  Music kept us entertained through the evening.

Luminaries were posted all along both sides of the road and sidewalks to be lit at sundown.
A parade wound its way around Cole Circle.
Lots of folks were there to pay tribute, bid on auction items, watch the hot air balloons get ready for their night time display, sip on hot chocolate and munch delicious cookies.
Saturday morning was the big launch event.  SIX big colorful balloons soared into the great blue carrying passengers across our pretty resort. 

Thank you to John Ross and his ballooning friends for contributing to the excitement of the event.

I watched the last of the balloons slowly drift over Cole Circle as I headed back home.