Friday, February 07, 2014

BIG cactus bloom

Whoa!  I was riding down Oasis Drive yesterday when I spotted this cactus blossom in front of 1867.  I had to slam on the brakes and turn around to take a closer look.  WOW!  I never saw a plant like this one.  It looked like curly strands were peeling from the edges of the stalks but on close inspection, they're NOT soft and curly...........they're stiff and picky!  Then inside the center of the plant is this HUGE white bloom.  Owner (Dave and Joan Barber) have been watching the blossom open more each day.

Stop by to take a look.  It's really very unusual.  Anyone know what kind it is??

That's Dave in the red shirt.  He was outside chatting with a friend but they're both very camera shy and tried to run away before I could get a picture.  Ha Ha guys.....not fast enough.

Meanwhile.....up at the ballroom a committee was setting up tables for the Quilters and Sewers Guild as they were having their annual "High Tea".  I took some photos of the tables and set up to share with you.  What an awesome arrangement at each table.  Lots of  man lady hours involved in all the preparation!

I'm guessing that someone sewed these cute doll dresses too.  They'll probably post more photos on their blog soon so we'll stay tuned for more.  Do you check out all the club/activity blogs?  Each group posts some fun information.  Go to:

Digging continues in the new area for more homes.

The trees in front of the main building are coming into bloom.

Check out the new item at the top of my blog where you can put in your email address and you will be notified whenever I put up a new post.  Always something new to try.
That's all for today.  Too much fun stuff to do.
This is India......where your technical support team operates.  LOL

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