Monday, February 03, 2014

Hot Air Balloon Rides are Available!

I just heard from the Activities Dept that there are still two balloon flights available this Saturday at the cancer awareness event.  If you haven't had a ride yet, HURRY to sign up.  John Ross gave me a ride last year and it was FANTASTIC.  You can see our resort and surrounding area from a spectacular vantage point.  It was lovely and I took hundreds of photos.  You can see them if you follow this link:  Aerial Views of Palm Creek

ALSO  if you don't want to stray too far, you can take a tethered ride on Sunday Feb 9 for only $20.  All proceeds go to our local cancer charities.  Sign up in Activities NOW.


Remember these photos of the bush I couldn't identify? 

Thank you to Bill Rowan who kindly stopped by today to let me know this is a Pyracantha bush. 

Here's what I learned from friendly Wikipedia:  Pyracanthas are large shrubs that offer sweetly fragrant, flat, white flower clusters in spring and early summer. Also known as Firethorns, Pyracanthas are laden with small, fiery red, orange or gold berries from late summer to winter. These dense shrubs retain their deep green leaves in winter, making them a visual delight throughout the year. For color and beauty all season long, consider planting Pyracnathas.

Pyracanthas berries are not poisonous as many people think although they are very bitter to taste, they are edible when cooked and are sometimes made into jelly.


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