Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Monday Morning Tour

Hi Everybody--
Same old boring news here.....beautiful sunshine and 70+ degrees.  :) 
I took a morning bike ride with camera in hand.  Spotted this shrub at site 1366 and had to stop to study it a bit.  Does anyone know what this is??  It is LOADED with little red berries.  Wow.  There was no one home at the time so couldn't ask for info.

I stopped over by the new pickleball courts and watched a few matches taking place.  Mark Nelson stopped by and said I should tell Wendell that they'll be asking for more courts soon as all 24 courts were reserved and occupied all morning.  We certainly have a LOT of players here and they love our new courts.

There was lots of action at the softball field too.  I watched the practice session for quite a while.  I'm really impressed with how hard these guys can hit a ball.  I cheer for the batter when he gets a beautiful hit and then I cheer for the outfielder who manages to catch the ball.  Good work, guys!

Mark your calendars for some time on Thursday and come cheer for our Palm Creek teams.  Come around lunch time and get a good burger at the grill while you're at it.  Here's the Thursday schedule...you can always read the current times by checking into their blog at:  http://palmcreekballteams.blogspot.com/


 9:00 AM Palm Creek Roadrunners vs Palm Creek Copperheads
10:15 AM Fiesta Rancheros vs Palm Creek Rattlers
11 30PM :Palm Creek Sidewinders vs Fiesta Grande Scoprions
12:45 PM Sundance Colts vs Sundance Mustangs
 2:00 PM Palm Creek Diamondbacks vs Robson Ranch Rangers

                               SEE YOU A THE BALL FIELD 


While riding back home, I stopped by to check on another big patio being built behind the Wheeler residence on Oasis. 
Across the golf course, I viewed another home in progress.  Looks very nice behind that wall that Ernesto and crew built this past summer.
AND.....another new home is being installed.  Nancy Paupst from the sales office says they've sold 23 new homes along the course already.  I'm getting quite envious.
Next I went home to get Don and we scurried over to the Bistro for our usual Monday lunch.  We like to make a habit of going up there on Mondays to enjoy the fresh burgers and a great chance to chat with old and NEW friends.  It's a great place for socializing while enjoying good food.
I'm glad we're retired and weren't in a hurry to get through the line though as it was LONG.   
We took advantage of the wait and met new friends along the way. 
The new seating area is really nice! 
That's the morning tour.  Enjoy your day.
P.S.  Someone sent me a photo of the two feet of snow in Chicago.  LOL

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