Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Patio Lunch every Wednesday

Wednesday -- Just another beautiful day in sunny Arizona at 75 degrees.  What are you folks back east and up north doing today?  We're here having a fantastic lunch on the patio in the warm sunshine, mingling with friends, listening to music, watching the birds, and perhaps watching the gang playing water volleyball in the pool.  Thank you to our kitchen staff for another great meal.
Thank you to Dolores Forbis and Larry Marik for entertaining us once again.
It's a lovely day for this event.  Soak up that sunshine! 
It was TACO SALAD day......second to none.  Awesome! 
I took a round about way home after lunch to take some photos of Wednesday activity.  The pool room was in full use. 
The rigs were lined up to check in.  The more the merrier! 
I spotted some of our devoted deadheaders busy at work keeping our gardens beautiful.  Thank You!  I hear they have about 30 volunteers in this group and are still looking for more help.
Dee Dee was busy teaching a couple's dance.  It was fun to watch. 
The sewing room is always busy.   
Pottery folks were working at their favorite craft. 
The Stained Glass studio was busy too as everyone was diligently working on a project. 
Of course, the card room is never empty.  Afternoons are reserved for Hand and Foot or whatever card game you and your friends should choose. 
Lawn Bowlers were enjoying the sunshine. 
ALL the tennis courts were busy. 
The wonderful thing about Palm Creek is that you can stay just as busy as you want.  Some of us prefer more solitude and this looks like fun too!
Have a GREAT day!

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