Monday, October 30, 2017

Air Conditioners on Ballroom

Big activity today as a HUGE crane came to lift the big air conditioning units to the roof of the expanded ballroom.  Thank you to Dick Rietz for capturing the action.

Up Up and Away

The ballroom is a bit noisy these days with all the construction, but we do have some quiet areas of the park.  Love that new GREEN grass!!

Don enjoyed watching the great blue heron as he stalked the grounds along the creek.

Not a bad photo for a cell phone camera.

I made another trip to Pet Smart for cat food and had fun with this cute puppy roaming the store.

The Mouse fan club is growing.  Check the cute towel we received yesterday from the Campbells.  The bag and card were hand painted by Barb.  Thank you!!

I don't know if Don would agree that Mouse deserves praise.  Remember the report I showed you on a previous post that Mouse ripped up??  Well, Don reprinted extra copies but Mouse got to the printer first.  Not much left of the reprints either.  LOL

Friday, October 27, 2017

Bistro & Activities

 Lots of activity by the Bistro patio expansion.

New firepits to be installed.

Lots of paver work getting done.

Many Many Many of we "creekers" will enjoy this new patio area.

I walked down the hallway in the admin building and saw these cute things in the display window for the pro shop.

Cute ball markers too.

and look at the really nice drink coasters!

We went into the Activities office to purchase some stuff.  Even though the sign still says they're closed until November 1, the place is booming with activity.

Meet Diane Manley.  She is the new assistant for Marion Nelson.  I welcomed Diane and told her I hoped she was up to the challenge of following a very busy lady as Marion hops from one major event to another.

Barb Poole was there too but didn't want her photo taken so here she is yelling at me not to take her picture.  Barb is sooooo much fun and a delight to be around.  She creates the BEAUTIFUL Happenings newsletters that we all enjoy.



Mouse received another gift from one of his fans.  Sue Reineck stopped us on the street and said she had a gift for Mouse.  This gift was sent from Sue's friend who watches the blog but doesn't even stay at Palm Creek!  That's awesome.  Soon he will start his own fan club.

Mouse says "thank you".  The toy has put on several miles around the living room already and was rescued from under the couch this morning.

I had to laugh this morning when I found Don climbing under his bed to retrieve the shoe Mouse carried away.

Later Don was yelling because Mouse disintegrated a report Don had meticulously printed out.

The next complaint was that Mouse helped himself to Don's fresh glass of ice water on his desk.

Uh Oh..................Mouse is pushing the limits as I persuaded Don NOT to microwave the cat!!

Luckily, Mouse lives to continue the day.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Mostly Mouse

The grass is turning such a pretty color AND it has had its first mowing now.
Almost ready for the golfers.

Still lots of trenches in the ground for more pipes.

Lots of connections to be made.

WOW.  Nice big TV installed in front of the Adobe room specifically for the poker players.  This year they will have a computer program that displays the time of play each round, number of players, size of jackpot, etc.  They're getting techie.

We peeked in through an open door of the ballroom and can see walls being installed.

One of these days, we'll get permission to go inside when more interior work is done.


Awwww...........look who is waiting at the window to greet us when we come home.

Remember that nice plush bed we bought for him??  He still hasn't used it and seems to be much more comfortable on the cool floor where he can stretch out.

Today I snugged my bare feet under him at my desk.  He makes a great toe warmer and never woke up.

 I may soon need a bigger desk.  Where did that little kitten go??

And now for my favorite story.  
I found a pretty purple package on our patio today with a lovely anonymous card from "someone" who thanked us for the hours spent on the construction updates AND brought a special gift for Mouse.  I believe it is a safe guess that the donor is from Saskatchewan.  THANK YOU.  What a lovely surprise.  It certainly made our day.

Mouse LOVES the new toy.  It makes lots of squeaking noises.

Monday, October 23, 2017

North 40 from the sky

Went out to play with Maverick again this morning.  The graders are out now leveling for roads.

YouTube Link:  North 40

More from this week

I suspect that the tennis players will appreciate the work that Tom Williams and this crew of volunteers has done to clean up the summer dust from their nice courts.

Our landscape crew is working hard to plant all our beautiful flowers.

Always a cheerful smile to say hello.

Whoops..........a new speed sign has been introduced on Cole Circle to remind folks to slow down.  The car in front of us was doing well at 13.

Our golf cart clocked us at 11.

There is still LOTS of heavy work to be done before our new buildings are ready.  Please be patient and understanding as these are some massive construction projects.

Inside the ballroom.

Wall board is going up.

Street resurfacing and line painting taking place.

Sewing room still under renovation.

Pro shop has color on the outside now.

Lots of digging and tunnels in the area to run sewer, electric, and water to the building.

Block walls going up around the bistro expansion.

Again.......always a cheerful smile and friendly wave from hard working crews.

The Activity Office is now open for business.  Say hello to Ashley!

Shirley Beck, Becky Andrews, and I went to see the movie "Only the Brave" about the 19 hotshot firefighters who lost their lives at the fire in Prescott a few years ago.  It's a true tribute.

We had to sneak in a selfie to send to friends who weren't able to go with us that morning.  (Hi Julie!!)



Don and Mouse were having a serious discussion over who is allowed to sit at the kitchen table.