Saturday, October 21, 2017

Ballroom Plus

Ahoy!  The pro shop has its first coat of color!!

Today was busy with a big crew "mudding" the ballroom.

I think the worst part is for the poor guy who loads the mixer.  He sprays in water to keep the dust down....

but every time he dumps a bag, this big cloud of dust erupts.  Good thing he wears a strong mask.

Thank you to Dick Rietz again as he alerted me to the mudding process and was there to take a video for you.

Video from Dick's YouTube account.

Work continues at the sewing room to connect sewer and electric lines.

Still lots of work happening at the north 40.

Miles and miles of underground pipes.

After all the ditches get buried, they'll start grading and getting ready for streets and curbs.
Sounds like Don better get the Maverick charged up for some overhead shots.



Mouse is resting peacefully tonight.  Chasing from window to window to follow the hummingbird is very tiring.

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