Monday, October 02, 2017

Pictures look the same

I hesitate to keep posting construction pictures because they begin to all look alike after a while.  Crews are working VERY hard (some were even at the pro shop on Sunday!) but its hard to see all the detail and time involved from a few quick photos.

The barrier and wire is installed so soon they can start the stucco work on the pro shop. 

Lots of wiring in the bistro expansion.

Looks like bags of stucco mixture has arrived here too.  It will be fun to watch it happen.

Mouse is resting up for his next adventure.



Since our weather has gotten so nice, Don and I are sitting out on the patio more often.  Mouse is jealous and wants to join us. 

Meet the great Houdini cat looking for a way out.

Oh good grief!! 
Now we have to buy a new metal screen door so he can't escape.

He's worse than having a little toddler around!!!!!!

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  1. Sue, Maybe you can get new screen, or heavier screen, rather than buy a new door. Our son uses heavy screen guard so his two cats won't tear a hole in the screen door.


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