Monday, October 16, 2017

Golf Cart Woes

What a nuisance to be without a golf cart!  We sent ours in for it's semi-annual maintenance but it hasn't been returned yet so we couldn't make our morning rounds with cameras in hand.

Friends are making contributions during our downtime.

Avis Gray sent some photos from the inter-community windup party held this past weekend.  This inter-community group allows enough players to gather a couple times a week during our HOT summer months.


A very talented and dedicated lady (Kay) created these delicious cupcakes for the occasion.  I got to sample one of the yummy chocolate ones.....yes that pickleball is candy frosting and fully edible!  Very very creative.

Many of you may know Tom Gottfried as he is a familiar face at the pickleball courts and is the main photographer for their big events.  Tom sent this note with some fantastic photos this week!!

"This male Anna’s hummer was watching over 4 feeders and the only one he would allow to come close was a hungry female.  These photos are all of the same bird.  The only difference is how the light was shining on him this morning.  In the last photo he must have thought about his appearance, flew around the house and came back with his head feathers parted.  Looks like a tough little bugger, doesn’t he?"

Tom also captured this awesome shot of a burrowing owl that visited his garden.




Mouse has become so popular  that I feel obligated to post something about him each day.  Believe it or not.....he's being a good boy today so there's nothing new to report.

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  1. Mouse is behaving today. You know what that means? The calm before the storm!


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