Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Lots of prep work for starting the outside stucco work on the pro shop. 

It takes three stages for the stucco.  First is the brown "mud".

Next is the stucco itself (color).  Then it takes 3-4 days to set before the final work.

Looks like stage 1 is about completed.

Inside walls are being finished.

Still lots and lots of digging for all the trenches.  So much underground work!!!
Miles and miles worth of pipes!


Photos from inside the ballroom.
Quite an operation!

I gain new respect for contractors every day as I watch these buildings develop.
Can't imagine keeping it all in line with electric, water, inspections, air conditioning, heating,  walls, ceiling, etc. not to mention scheduling inspections and wok crews.  Whew!!

Outside is getting prepped as well.



Poor Mouse has been in trouble so many times today that he's hiding out under my desk instead of up top by me.  

He even looks guilty.

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