Sunday, October 08, 2017

Maverick at Play

It was such a lovely afternoon yesterday so we sat out on the patio with our son and put Maverick up for a "look see" around the area.  Enjoy the ride.  Anton and Don watched the iPad monitor while the drone flew its mission.

You Tube Link:  Around the Area

I like to stop at the front desk and chat with the crew at the front desk.  Always fun!

Soprina always has a smile.

Say Hi to Alexa..  (She is Christy Kochen's daughter!)  Newest member of the front desk staff.

P.S.  She HATES all the Alexa jokes and says she has heard them all.  She had her name long before the electronic Alexa joined the world.

Mom Kochen at work.


Another relatively calm day in the Mouse world.  He loves to watch TV.

There are lots of cute videos on You Tube specifically made for cats and dogs to enjoy.  Sometimes we have little kitten prints all over the screen.

Yes, he can still climb underneath the doors.

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  1. You are becoming a pro with Maverick!! Really enjoyed todays trip around the park...thanks!!


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