Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Deadheaders Group

While the rest of the country (especially the Northeast) suffers in miserable cold, snow, heavy rains, floods, power outages, etc, we here in Arizona continue to enjoy the best of the best. Our temps average in the upper 60s or low 70s. If we feel a bit chilled, we just have to move our chair into that wonderful Arizona sunshine and can immediately feel the warmth of the sun's rays. Awesome! While some of our winter guests may complain about our occasional rainy day because it interferes with their tennis, golf, pickleball, horseshoes, shuffleboard, swimming events, we Arizonians treasure the rain knowing it refills our water table and will provide a beautiful flowery spring when the desert awakens in another month or two.

Speaking of flowers: The flower beds here in the resort are beautiful again this year and really highlight the entrance to the park. While our landscape crews work so hard to plant and maintain the flower beds, the flowery show of blossoms wouldn't be near as successful if it weren't for the wonderful volunteers who assist with the program. I'm sure you've seen these dedicated volunteers at work as you drive through the streets of Palm Creek, but you may not recognize their faces as they're bent over toiling away at their assignment of "deadheading" the flowers to keep them in constant bloom.

I often wondered who these folks were and if they were "official" volunteers or just passersby who stopped to tweak an occasional flower. By lucky chance one day, I met Leslie Evans as we both happened to be accessing our mailboxes and started a casual conversation. Lo and behold, we got on the subject of flowers and she mentioned that she is one of the "Deadheaders" group. I didn't know this avid group of volunteers existed. The group is led by Barbara Johnson (our General Manager's wife) and Jeff Eckart (Golf & Grounds Manager). They asked for volunteers via Channel 3 and the Activities Office, met and equipped them with more knowledge about the flowers and what is needed to maintain their blooms. Then the group signed up for certain flower beds to tend. Next time you see them at work, stop to let them know how much we appreciate their efforts!!!

I saw these ladies at work yesterday and stopped to grab a quick photo. I don't have a list of all the volunteers but would like to salute them all and say thanks for adding to the beauty of our resort.

Denise Erickson, MaryAnn Canfield, Lesley Evans

P.S.  I also learned the name of those tall ever-so-fragrant flowers that lie at the center of most beds.  They're called "stocks".

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Idiot at Large

While Palm Creek friends were gathered at numerous Superbowl block parties in preparation for the big game this past Sunday, we noticed helicopters hovering over Hiway 10.  All traffic was stopped in both directions which causes a MAJOR backup on such a busy thoroughfare.  With our memories still fresh from the devastating traffic accident that occurred in the same location just weeks ago during a dust storm, we were all quite concerned.  (Notice the "blowing dust" sign.  This is the same location of the accident that killed so many people.  See an earlier blog on this site.)  This time we heard rumors that it was some kind of hostage situation.  Today's Casa Grande Dispatch reveals the idiot that was behind the whole affair as it turns out it was just a hoax.  Let's look at the bright side of this incident:  It certainly gave our law enforcment agencies a chance to practice their skills.  It's comforting to know that in a true emergency, we have all that support available.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Gourd Show

It was a busy weekend at the annual Gourd Show held at the fairgrounds at 11 Mile Corner. Wuertz Farms sponsors this show every year but this was the first time I attended. (Sure is fun not having to work full time anymore!) I could never understand what all the hoopla was about for a gourd show until I walked through the tent door and saw the items on display. Oh my gosh! These are some truly talented artisans. It certainly takes a special talent to come up with the creativity and artistic effects these crafters put into their creations. I snapped a couple photos but should have taken more.

This is my very favorite!

There were also some talented entertainers providing music while we browsed through the displays. This particular group was really very entertaining especially when they played "The Saints Come Marching In" to get us prepped for the super bowl game later that day. Many folks were clapping along, tapping their feet, and enjoying the music.

It was interesting to look through the various supply booths that vendors had on display. Gourds are beautiful but there certainly appears to be a lot of work and dedication involved in the craft. Some vendors were there selling seeds so you could plant your own gourd garden. There were displays showing and explaining how to customize the growth of the gourds by twisting, turning, or stretching them during growth. I watched several vendors as they demonstrated the various kinds of glue, glitter, dyes, paints, and stains used for decorating. There were booths demonstrating different drills, sanders, buffers and gourd cleaners. Whew! Sounds like a lot of work and you must need a whole workshop at your disposal. Classes were being held to teach the craft and special techniques.

Outside were bins filled with thousands of different sizes, shapes, and varieties of gourds. This is definitely NOT an inexpensive hobby! Check out more details and photos at this website:

Since I am posting so many photos today....I might as well upload this one of my good buddies too.  Thank you, Connie and Gerry, for putting up with me.

Cancer Awareness Events

The resort has been a blur of activity this week to support the annual Cancer Awareness week. There were tennis tournaments and golf outings and pickleball, shuffleboard, and horseshoe events. Friday night was the lighting of over 4000 luminaries that lined the entry streets to the resort and all throughout the clubhouse area. It was beautiful. I took a casual stroll along hundreds of the luminary bags that were hand decorated and/or dedicated to loved ones who have crossed paths with cancer. Science has made some great strides in the battle against this disease, but here's hoping that we'll soon have a cure.

After dark that evening, hundreds of guests and residents strolled along the streets to enjoy the sight and pay honor to the memorials along the way. Coffee, hot chocolate, and cookies were served up at the Palm Park area. It is so impressive to see the huge group of volunteers who make all this possible under the leadership of our Special Events, Activities, and Kitchen Staff. Hats off to all who participated!!

Saturday morning hundreds of people gathered for the Cancer Walk around Cole Circle. We were all donned with pink and white t-shirts and caps in honor of the event.

We started out with a color guard presentation of flags, pledge of allegiance, national anthem, and a prayer for all the victims and cancer survivors. Bob Hernick was deservedly the Grand Marshal of the parade as he personally earned over $8,000 for the cancer fund. Congratulations, Bob! Cancer survivors were honored by wearing red t-shirts and many received warm hugs of support and friendship that morning.

The whole event was extremely well organized, planned, and thought out. There were traffic guards at all the cross roads and even two water and juice stops along the route. As we arrived back at our starting point, we were greeted by a very nice lunch of sub sandwiches, delicious salads, and cookies. Thank you, Palm Creek, for a wonderful and memorably successful event.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Our Softball Team

Our favorite softball team at Palm Creek

The first photo is when they are on their best behavior....but this second shot is their true nature!
Come on out to the ballfield to watch the teams in action..........and enjoy some of their delicious hamburgers!
to see their schedule and scores.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Bead Show

There was a great article on the front page of the Casa Grande Dispatch this morning so I've posted it here for your perusal. It is so nice to see a full park once again and it gives me hope about our yucky economy. I sat on the patio soaking up the sunshine with a good book the other day and watched some of the activity in the neighborhood. One site just arrived home from a bike ride, the neighbors returned home from a round of golf with clubs in tow, Carrie was back from the laundry room with an armload of clothes, a couple folks were out washing and polishing their rigs, LOTS of people were out walking their dogs, small groups were gathered in the street enjoying a casual chat, I could hear the pong pong from the pickleball courts and laughter from the shuffleboard area. Add to that the singing of a near by finch in our palm tree .... and what more could you ask for! I do so love living in Palm Creek!!

The next two weeks are full of activity in nearby Tucson for the annual world-wide Gem and Mineral show. We gathered up a group of avid beaders and headed to the show with full pocketbooks in hand. I can't explain what there is about beads that makes them so attractive but it sure is fun to look at all the different shapes, colors, textures and varieties available. A show like Tucson is quite overwhelming as there are booths from around the world present to sell their wares. I overheard quite a few foreign languages as I wandered through the crowds and many of the booth workers were oriental or from the far east. Fascinating! Everyone seemed to be in a good mood and happy to be there.

We enjoyed a great lunch at a nearby restaurant and headed back to the show again in the afternoon. When the pocketbooks got suddenly light, some of us decided we had enough so we went back to the restaurant for coffee and dessert until it was time for departure. What a fun day!! Now we can't wait to get together again and swap beads, share creative ideas, and get to work at building new designer jewelry.

I'm strictly a point and shoot amateur photographer...but I just had to try to capture this awesome sunrise this week. Have I ever mentioned that I really like living here??