Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Flowers, Trim, and May calendar

I spotted this blooming beauty over on Sandy Desert yesterday.  Awesome!!

Unfinished trim.

After the trim is painted.

The May calendar has been released.  Looks like we're going to have some events to attend!

Monday, April 26, 2021

Night time visitors

I know we have night time visitors near our house because our cats (Kat and Mouse) will suddenly bolt from one window to the next to see who is visiting.  They don't meow, call, or growl.....but just watch intently even if our sleeping bodies are in the direct path to a  window.  We frequently get trampled in the excitement.

We caught a few guilty parties on our security camera.
This night there were two dark colored cats.

Here is one with white on the front.

I've seen this cat before.  He's easy to identify with the bobbed tail.

An all white  as well.

Another spotted calico.

This one may be a repeat but its hard to tell.

This one is different with his white feet.

Dark cat....no white feet.
So you can tell there are quite a few strays in the park.

Don bought me a new bike!!  I guess I should call it a scooter.  Sooooo much fun and very comfortable to ride.  Top speed is 12 miles per hour so it is perfect for riding around the park.

It turns out that there are three of us!  
Joy Miller and John Mikesell also have the EW-11.  
We bought ours right off of Amazon and received it fully assembled at our door step.

I wrote to the E-Wheels company.  When I told them we had three of us in the park, they asked for a photo to share with their staff.

John Mikesell

Joy Miller

Friday, April 23, 2021

Painting Update

Painting the tops of all the pillars black to match the black letters over the doors and on the buildings.

Day 3 of the new black paint.

Betty Preston is back home in Northern Missouri and was enjoying nice spring weather until encountering 6 inches of a spring snow storm.  It certainly made for an outstanding photo.

I hope her lilacs will endure.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

We found a baby!!

We were out doing some house checks and came across this adorable bundle of feathers just sitting on a patio table behind one of the houses.  His mama probably told him not to leave so he didn't even when I got pretty close to him.

I thought his picture was worth a blog post all on his own.  I'm a bit confused though because he looks younger than the three we've seen up in the trees.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Baby Owls

  Thank you to Dave and Kathy Porterfield for sending these photos today.  It feels like an honor to have these great birds living in our park.  Three babies in the nest this year!

Most curious youngster

Two feathery heads

All three youngsters waiting for Mom to bring dinner

Ready for some true family time

Always a parent on the look out.

Just glance through the tree tops to find them.

Wonderful weather once this wind calms down.  I wouldn't want to be out on Highway 10 with today's wind.

Crews are trimming and pruning all the landscaping along the north end of Cole Circle.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Painting the Trim

Painters are placing black trim on the buildings around the resort.

Cactus flowers are blooming all over.  These huge white blossoms are beautiful but you have to see them immediately.  They only last for one day.

I spotted one of the baby owls yesterday.

This harmless bull snake was found over by the canal.  That's the first snake I've seen in the park in 15 years.  I hope he slipped away unharmed.

The Weed Guy is here with his crew spraying pre-emergent for weed control.

The surrounding fields are being cultivated for new crops.  It was certainly pretty with that light cloud cover.  That may also be what chased the snake into our park.

Our wild petunia is still alive and flourishing.

Nothing else to write about except our lovely weather.