Friday, August 30, 2013

A pretty day for photos

What a lovely morning (again).  Only 84 degrees but 60% humidity.  Oh least we're not sweltering (yet).

I think Don has replaced more sprinkler heads this summer than ever before.  They pop off and spray all over everywhere.

Things were pretty quiet on our tour.  We 'peeked' into the new pottery area.

It's too soon to tell what's really happening but there is always a lot of "behind the walls and above the ceiling" work to be done when changes are made.

We walked around by the fitness center and took some weird pictures.  You have to study these for a while to figure them out because of all the mirrors.

Dave was really busy and devoted to his job yesterday.  He got this beautiful blue base applied to all four courts....single handedly.

The fence guys are at work in the background.

The new vines along the sidewalk by the pool are growing fast.  I'm sure all the delicious rain water we've gotten has helped them along.

We walked back to our golf cart to find this white wing dove guarding our transportation.  Thank you, Mr. Dove.

Speaking of doves, I have a nice photo of an Eurasian dove perched atop the pump house with a pretty sky behind him.  The Eurasian doves have that black ring around their neck.  

That's all I have to report today......but am posting a couple miscellaneous photos anyway.  We sure live in a lovely resort!!   When you come back this fall, take time to just sit and look around you.  These tall palms are always beautiful against the summer sky.....and you're sure to spot the acorn woodpeckers soaring from one tree to the other.

Have a SAFE Labor Day weekend.

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Working Hard

The never ending chore of trimming continues.  Trim back heavily now so it is nice fresh new growth by the time residents return.

Work continues at the Bistro.  
Jaimie is getting pretty good at sawing those bricks in half.
I never took time to look inside the pump room by the main pool.  Golly Gee.  Lots of complicated looking stuff in there.
This brick work in front of Palm Park will look so nice.  This is where the food carts will set up when we hold outdoor events.
Tennis courts are getting their top coat.
Here's Dave....hard at work spreading the blue coating.

The fence crew is a friendly bunch.  Say Howdy to Dwayne, Jose, and Luis.
Here come the new palm trees for the bistro.
You may have heard on the news about another massive storm yesterday with damaging winds in the Phoenix area.  You can ignore missed us entirely.  Monsoon season is definitely not over yet.

We have some threatening sky but many times it passes over or around us.  We thought the dark sky made for some pretty photographs.

Remember the photos from yesterday where they had to splice all those cables in order to move the sprinkler control station?

Splicing is now done.  WOW.

Now they have to install the boxes into their new location.

 All along the new street (Granite Drive) is a raised berm recently topped with fast growing oleanders to block the view of the field to the east.

That's a LOT of digging and planting for all those bushes as this is a continuous line all the way to the north gate.

 Yup.  It's a job for Faustino.

Just for fun, I looked back in my archives for a picture to post from exactly one year ago.  Look what one year can do.
September 2012 - Future Pickleball Courts
September 2013 - Current pickleball courts.

We can be proud!!!

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Flowers (again)

There doesn't seem to be a certain 'season' when the cactuses bloom.  They just like to surprise us.

How does the new fitness room look so far?? 
And here is the remaining laundry area.

 I think I'll tease Dora that the housekeeping crew has been sluffing off.  Will she have a sense of humor??

Work continues at the Bistro.  The August "Happenings" newsletter calls it the Fireside Patio and says it will seat more than 80 people.
Ernesto and Jaime are back in Palm Park doing the finishing work on the walkways and on the center medallion.

The street of dreams up by the sales office is undergoing drastic change as they pull out the single park model homes.  This one now resides on the corner of Coyote Trail and Cole Circle at site 1776.

This one comes out next.  The park models are being replaced with 1 and 2 bedroom Resort Cottages.  The 1 bedroom Resort Cottage offers nearly 75% more living area than a park model at 30% less cost per square foot.  They are also offering the 2 bedroom, 2 bath Resort Cottage that gives room for a hobby or guest room.  A Calabria village home will also be added to the street of dreams.  

Copied from the August Happenings Newsletter:  The sales office will complete 23 new home sales by January 1st, and just this year we've already had 48 resales at Palm Creek.  The variety of homes to choose from couldn't be better.  We have casitas, park models, resort cottages, and village homes.  Stop in the Sales Office for a tour or receive a list of homes for sale--ranging from $22,000 for a park model to $125,000 for a village home.

More GREAT news for our resort.  Palm Creek receives a 10/10/10 in Trailer Life, Good Sam and Woodall's.  Fantastic!!  


We certainly have some good drainage in the park.  It's hard to believe how much of that flood water has already subsided.
The golf course back 9 closes for re-seeding on September 3.  The front 9 will remain open until the first week of October.


On a much more somber note:  I received a notice from Mary Hackala regarding the passing of her husband, Ray.  Ray and Mary had many friends here in Palm Creek.
Here's the note from Mary:

Hi, Sue.
Ray did the stained glass mosaics after his stroke, managing to place the pieces well. He also was involved in the men's golf, lawn bowling and silversmithing.  He enjoyed the cribbage, also.
We lived on the golf course at 1741 Coyote Trail, after having our first little place at 1620.
Thank you. Our local paper with his obit is Rockford Morning Star.  Mary

Here is a link to the obituary:  Ray Hackala

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