Monday, August 26, 2013

Man the Lifeboats!!

What an exciting end to a quiet day!  

It started out with another beautiful sunrise at 6:03 a.m. this morning.  

Do you remember the childhood poem:  Red sky at night is sailor's delight but red sky at morning, means sailors take warning.

Late this afternoon:

First came the dust and the sky turns thick brown with dust.

Big dust clouds blocked out the sun and the wind whipped up a fury.

Then came the rain!!

LOTS of rain and it seemed to fall all at once!

Don and I love the storms so stayed under the shelter of our patio to watch the action but definitely got wet anyway as the wind blew the rain sideways.

Watch this short video:

Yes.....we were getting quite wet at the time of filming!

As is normal for this part of the country, it didn't last long.  Within a half hour it was all gone.  Our golf cart was drenched so we hopped in the car to drive around the resort to check on houses.

The drainage in the park is really done well.  All the water streams down the roads and runs to the golf course.  This photo is at the end of our street between 1725 and 1726.  

Here's the river between 714 and 713.
The drain between 149 and 150 is always the most dramatic.  
I took this photo from up on the patio at 150.  (Thank you).  
Oh...and look at that cute little Fiat we bought for our birthdays.  It's a fun toy for us.  It's like driving a golf cart with doors and windows.....and the color matches my house...of course!

This is the only real damage we found after driving all through the park.  It's the sunscreen and posts from Site 662.

If any of you know Dave Barber's email address, let me know and I'll send him more photos.

Don played good samaritan and dragged all the pieces back to their site.  It was really blown a ways down the street.

I don't think there is normally a lake here.

This is the only tree we found down.

Only minor wind damage found so we retrieved pieces.

There were quite a few people riding around to survey the streets.  Sam and Ed came with their swim noodles in case they were needed.  No pool time for us tonight.  :(

Off in the distance it looks like Maricopa is still being pasted.

Mark Nelson sent a link to a video showing how a flash flood comes roaring through a dry desert wash.  Fascinating to watch!  (thanks Mark)

For those who don't understand the BIG, DRY  ARROYOS or WADIS-- the
"riverbeds" you see in the Southwest deserts and the Flash Flood
 warning signs associated with them, watch this! It is mesmerizing!

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