Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

I have so much to write about today that I don't know where to begin!  What a busy place.  Let's start with Palm Park.  Grading the front area and getting ready to put pavers all along the front.  Say Hi to Faustino!

A special contractor is here putting in a huge center circle right in the middle of the park.  It will have some kind of design among the bricks but I'm not sure what it will be yet.
At least the crew gets a break from the heat this morning as it is a beautiful day in the mid 70s....at least until around 9:00.  Then it still heats up to triple digits.
Ohhhhh......this is going to be a piece of art!  Very exciting seeing it from the beginning.
This young man is going to build some muscles after carrying armloads of bricks all day.
Over at the bistro area, we saw Jim with a contractor and an arm load of blueprints. It was not a time to interrupt him with questions about those trees.  He carries an amazing work load and responsibility for all this construction.  I have no idea how he can possibly keep on top of it all but he certainly does.
Lots of rebar coming into place.

Don was able to explain what all this is about.  Those four long bolts with the square feet on the bottom are all secured into the cement footings.  Then the bolts at the top get screwed into the base of the tall support beam that will go on top.  Aha.  Now I understand.  I'm sure a rookie at all this stuff.  I'm gaining a whole new respect for construction projects.

Meanwhile.........while all this work is happening..........our residents continue to enjoy life in a slower lane.  Say good morning to Bob Daniels and Sam Cox out on the golf course.  

The grass is amazingly green for this time of year due to the generous rainfall we've had this summer.
Major construction projects are happening but all the daily chores still get done as well.  Here's Luis blowing off the sidewalks and patios to keep our area fresh and clean.
Congratulations to Richard and Gloria for their new siding on their park model.  I believe they're at 1019 or 1020.  
Edkins Construction (Bob) is doing a great job on the project.

 A painting contractor has been here for several days at the tennis courts as he is priming all the fence posts for painting.  He explained that first he rubs them all down with gasoline so the paint takes hold better.  Expensive paint!!  He says it costs $140 a gallon!!.....but it is the best and will look like brand new for 7-8 years.  

We saw Dave out walking up and down the courts inspecting the concrete.  He is the one who will be applying the final finish and painting all the stripes.

New houses arrive frequently.  Here is a new one at 1104.
And they're digging a hole at 1662 for another new one.
I've been watching the cactus plants at Site 1059 (Bob and Lucy Cadwell).  They appear to be loaded with flower buds.
This morning they are all open!  Fantastic!!

Each and every blossom is absolutely beautiful and perfect.
Just received a text message from Avis Gray showing a photo of a new door through the wall of the pottery room.  They're expanding the pottery room due to heavy demand.  Will have to stop over there tomorrow!

Okay.....that's enough blog excitement for one day.  Must shower and get ready to go out to lunch with the girls.  We're going to the Big Cafe and then over to the Pear Tree for some bead shopping.
Have a GREAT day!

(Not ME.  I'm going out with the girls!!)

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