Monday, August 12, 2013


Yup....I took the weekend off and today I am very late at posting but we made a run up to Costco in the morning and I just had to play some cards this afternoon.  That's my excuse.  

The new streets are coming along nicely.  There's still other concrete and special projects along the way out there.  They have to create all these run off channels or whatever they're called for water run off.  It goes from a ditch like this:

to a nice channel like this one.
A new kind of tree is being planted along the channel by the pickleball courts.  I don't know my Arizona trees but will get an answer for you soon.  
Close up of the new mystery trees.
They're in line along the channel and oleanders will be placed in between the trees soon.
There's even two as you enter the pickleball area.
Our landscape crew is super busy on the doggie run.  Sprinkler lines need to be ru.
Over in palm park, the contractor is here laying the big pavers.  There will be a huge decorative circle in the center of the park.
Very friendly and cheerful crew even though they're out there at 107 degrees and full sunshine.
The bottom half of the door into the fitness room is started.
Lots of blueprints at every station.
Outside at the bistro they're still getting the foundation for all the footings.
We had lunch at Chick-Fil-A yesterday so I took this photo across the highway to Sam's Club.  Walls are going up pretty fast.
That's enough for today.  It is 6:15pm and the swimming pool is calling me.  More tomorrow.
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