Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Fitness Center & Bistro Progress

Two more sites are being prepped at 1338 and 1339 on Desert Wind Lane.
There is LOTS of activity around the clubhouse complex today.  Here is the inside of the laundry room being renovated into an expanded fitness center.  The three walls you see here will be removed.  First they knock the drywall out, then remove the plumbing and electrical lines.
The front two areas will remain laundry room with 15 washers and 16 dryers.  Jim explained where the walls and windows will be.....but that's too hard for me to explain here.  You'll have to wait for further progress and see it for yourself.  We'll be getting more treadmills, stair steppers and bicycle machines as this section will be mostly aerobic equipment.  The original fitness center will be for the weight machines and other equipment.
Speaking of laundromats reminds me of this cartoon:

Outside by the bistro area we encounter the sounds of jackhammers and bulldozers and the clink of shovels into that tough hard Arizona caliche soil.  Around the outer perimeter will be a concrete wall with a bench all the way around.
Still digging out the area for the steel supports for the roof.
Tiles have to be dug up through this walkway to put in underground plumbing for sinks inside the bistro.
Before you can build new, you must take down the old.  The electrical contractors are here now.
What a maze of wires up above the ceiling!
There will be a door through this wall leading to the outdoor seating.  It's basically a walk through to order and pick up food.  There won't be much indoor seating.
Outdoors we'll have propane heaters, fire pits, and a fireplace to keep us warm in winter.
Yes, that's Fernando on the jackhammer lending a helping hand.
The pro shop will be completely redone and redecorated.  I hear we'll even see crown molding  along the top of the walls.
It's hard to visualize the completed project when you see it this way.
Forced hot air heaters will be installed overhead along this walkway.
Meanwhile, across the street in Palm Park, preparations continue as well.  A contractor will be here in a few days to be installing the decorative brick in the center of the park.
We awoke yesterday to a beautiful soaking rain which lasted on and off till noon.  Temperatures dropped into the 70s so we soaked in as much moisture and cool temps as we possibly could.  It was wonderful!  The respite never lasts long so we enjoy it while we can.

You all have a good day!!

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