Friday, August 09, 2013

Friday - Construction Progress

Our Palm Creek people are in the news across the country as they spread their fever for pickleball.  Check out this link from Central Oregon:

Fraties and Moores with more pickleball


Here rests the house we saw coming through the gate yesterday.  I believe it is Site 1338 or 1339.  Congratulations to the new owners.

We had a nice chat with John Blount this morning and learned more about the service his company provides for installing park model and village homes.  Within the first year of installation, his crew checks underneath each house to make sure everything is secure.  He is the main contractor for installing the home and hooking everything up.  We've watched his crews in here many times already and they have plenty of practice at putting these homes together.  If you need some "under the house" work done this season, keep his number handy.  You can also call him to see what other services he can provide.
Yahoo!  Looks like all the new streets are paved.  now they're digging up the manholes making them accessible again.
The new Cheyenne Drive now has 6 houses and I see big "model" flags on three of them.  The others must be sold already.  I'm anxious to get a tour one of these days.
Still more work to do at the new dog run.  Here they're digging the trenches for a watering system as this will be real grass just like the ballfield.
We can see big changes up at the Bistro again.  Rebar is being installed for the steel support beams.
Looks sorta like a big prairie dog village right now.
We've had some beautiful rain here this summer which has turned our golf course green again.  We live in a very pretty resort, don't we?
Arizona vegetation is so interesting.  We never had bushes and shrubs like these in Wisconsin or Ohio.  Here they grow all around us.  I hope I never take them for granted and walk past them without admiring them.
The contractors at the fitness center are very busy and are moving pretty fast.  Walls are coming down.
I like to watch construction work in progress.  Hmmm...what is this gent doing??
Measuring something with a plumb line.
Aha!  He's cutting a hole through the wall and opening it for the new entry door.  Big task.  This is truly some MAJOR remodeling.
Trailer loads of sheeting and lumber scraps.
Palm Park is buzzing with activity also.  Fernando and crew are driving these little spikes into the ground and spray painting them so they're visible for the next phase.
Each spike head is leveled with a laser so the grade and run off will be precise.
Another contractor arrives next week to start the stone work.

It was a beautiful morning today.  Temperature was 74 degrees with only 20% humidity.  What a wonderful and appreciated respite from the hot weather.  It is about 2:00 this afternoon and temp is 107 so I'm really glad we do our outside chores in the early morn.  That's all for today's report.  I think I'll go take a short nap before we go to the movies tonight.  

Long awaited for.  Now there is proof !!!!!! 
Difference of Men/Woman driving.
Check out the dog’s eyes! Same dog.
You cannot argue with scientific proof!
And this photo is one of my all time favorites!
It's about driving as we age.

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