Saturday, August 03, 2013


I guess I just got lazy and didn't post my photos from Friday.  Whoops.  ....and I heard about it at the pool tonight from Sam Cox.  Now that I taught him how to read the blog on his iPhone, I guess he expects a DAILY update.  :)

Avid pickle players are out at the crack of dawn while the weather is still cool.


Hired tree trimmers to climb and hand trim the trees that are too tall for our bucket truck.  It's a LONG way up those trees!
Here's the new 8-seater cart purchased for the sales department.  We'll see Nancy Paupst at the wheel this season as she drives prospective home owners on a tour.
Nick from our maintenance department seems to be the full-time pool cleaner now.
Here's Faustino with shovel in hand AGAIN as he digs the hole for footings to hold up the posts for the new bistro roof.
Remember when they planted these vines along the wall by the main pool??  They're certainly doing well already.

They're even blossoming!  I bet the hummingbirds will love these flowers.
 Of course the oleanders outside the pool area are flourishing as well.  Oleanders seem to do well no matter where they are and no matter what the conditions.
Oh look....Del LaRue will be happy to see that his new casita has arrived at Site 854.
Thanks to my new (newest) camera, I finally got a close up photo of a quail.  They scamper away so fast that they've been totally elusive until now.  We came across a whole covey the other day when mama quail ran across the road in front of us followed by at least 10-12 little ones.  They were way too fast for me to get a photo....fancy camera or not.
We had a nice yummy ice cream social Friday afternoon.

Thank you to Diane..............

and Linda for hostessing the event.

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