Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday Night Bunco

Bunco was great fun tonight. We had several really close games that erupted in lots of laughs. Some Bunco records were also set.

Suzette took home almost ALL the money as she had the most wins, the most Buncos, and the prize for ending the evening with the Bunco bear. I thought surely I would win most Buncos because I got four including three during one hand!! Suzette managed 5 Buncos and won 16 out of the 24 games we played. She definitely went home a winner.

Poor Nikki on the other hand lost 17 of the 24 games but kept her charming smile the whole time.

Win, lose, or draw, I know we all had a lot of fun. A night of laughter and camaraderie sure helps to keep us in good spirits now that the temperatures are in the triple digits every day. It no longer cools off at night so the windows are closed and the AC is running full throttle. Ya gotta love Arizona!

Monday, June 29, 2009


We had a fun time at Bingo tonight! Thank you to Diane Gaines for providing free popcorn and soda. Thank you to Flo Fillipi and Linda Berry for organizing the event and doing all the set up and book work. Thank you to Lauren for doing the calling.

Sandy Clark was a strong winner tonight as she got to yell Bingo THREE times. Her whole table was lucky cause Popkorn won twice and Mike Kirsch bingoed as well. One time Sandy even bingoed twice on the same card plus she got to split the pot for the big coverall game at the end. Way to go, Sandy. Maybe she should run out and buy a lottery ticket this week.

It was still 96 degrees when we left the ballroom around 9:00 so our warm temps are definitely here. No more open windows at night and no more coffee on the patio in the early morn. Oh well......I'll still take a hot summer over a freezing icy winter so I'm not complaining.

Here's a photo of the winning table. That's Sandy on the far right with the big smile

I stood on stage and made everyone salute a "dobbers up" for a quick photo.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Items for Sale

Don and I are remodeling our little home here in the desert so need to sell some no longer needed items. We bought ourselves a HUGE new refrigerator so no longer need our beverage cooler or ice maker. These items are in excellent condition and will be perfect for your park model or shed. They'll be a guaranteed success come party time this season.

July Newsletter

The July newsletter has been published. I received many compliments from readers who liked reading it so here ya go. Looks like we have many fun events lined up for the month. Are you jealous???

Okay....I'll stop bragging about our beautiful weather....but its still sunshine, dry heat, beautiful flowers, and (yes) HOT. The photo below shows a new electronic grid that APS has installed to help spot power outages and get them repaired faster. I'd sure hate to be without our AC this time of year!!!!!!!!!! Let's hear three cheers for APS.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Okay....here comes the HOT weather. Just when I took time to brag about how wonderful it's been, the weatherman slipped and our normally high hot temps are approaching. We have a nice breeze today (enough that the pickleball folks would complain if they were here) so that's ideal time for cute little dust devils. Don and I drove up to Phoenix today to shop for a cabinet for our kitchen remodeling and enjoyed watching numerous dust devils hopping around in the desert on the way home. They never cease to entertain us and today they were in top form whirling their way among the cactus and scrub brush. Fun to watch.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Crime Prevention & Misc News

I thought summers were supposed to be quiet so I would have time to sit back and curl up with a good book. Whew. Lots going on around here.


This morning was a meeting up in the Suntan room to discuss crime prevention. A very cordial Casa Grande police officer (Thomas Anderson) came to visit and talked about crime prevention in our resort. Basically, he reiterated all the things Wendell had written in our "Happenings" newsletter. If you missed your copy, I have it posted on this blog. Just scroll down a little farther till you find it. We're ALL basically involved in a neighborhood watch program and he encourages us to reach out and get to know our neighbors. This is even more important when so many houses are currently vacant so we should get to know those of us that remain as summer residents. If we see anything suspicious or out of the ordinary, we should call the gate to report it or if we spot a crime in action, we should immediately call 911. One of the people present asked a question I've often wondered about. (Thank you, Nancy, for bringing it up.) She was curious about dialing 911 from our cell phones since most of us have out of state phone numbers. The officer explained that the 911 goes to the closest tower regardless of where our phone was purchased and programmed. I guess I never really thought about it before so it was nice to hear a direct answer. We are strongly encouraged to program our cell phones so that #1 goes straight to 911. There should also be a number (#2) programmed as "ICE" which stands for "in case of emergency" so if someone finds us unconscious or ill, they can grab the phone and contact a local family member or a local friend for assistance. Guess I'd better drag out my directions and do some reprogramming as his suggestions certainly make sense.

While our resort is a gated community with limited access, there will sadly always be the hooligan kids who scale the wall looking for adventure so we really need to be aware and report anything suspicious instead of just waiting for someone else to call it in. I played my usual role of Paparazzi and took a snapshot of the crowd at the meeting.


I'm posting a couple photos of some palm trees for you snowbirds who leave us during summer bloom season. The palms are in full bloom now and are loaded with delicate fragrant white flowers. Long stems seem to grow outward and then split open with hundreds of the blossoms. The blossoms draw bees.....lots and lots of bees. Watching the swarms in the tree tops makes me grateful that our palm trees are tall so the bees stay aloft.

Our landscaping crews have been hard at work in the summer heat. We observed this young man hard at work shoveling the pond sludge from the bottom of the creek that runs through the rose garden. This is another chore that our winter visitors never see. It takes a ton of work to keep this park fresh and beautiful. This is a prime sample of the "behind the scenes" chores that are part of required upkeep. The rocks by the waterfall have been all spruced up as part of spring cleaning. Many of the oleander hedges are getting their annual summer haircut too.


Our Tuesday night Bunco game was canceled this week because of "movie night". We were all invited up to the Suntan to watch The Amazing Benjamin Button and enjoy some fresh free popcorn. I stayed home since I've already seen the flick at the Harkins Theater. We'll be back to Bunco again next Tuesday though cause we have a lot of fun.

Some of us have started going up to the clubhouse on Friday nights now for what we call "Open Game Night". We don't know what we're going to play till we see how many people show up. It could be Rummy Cubes, Pegs & Jokers, Hand & Foot, Canadian Salad, or any number of crazy card games.

Don and I have been doing some "remodeling" to our little house so I've missed some days up at the pool for water aerobics in the mornings, but the gals are up at the north pool six days a week. It's really fun and the water feels great. We certainly have some perfect swimming weather here in summer.


Speaking of the weather.....the weatherman has been gloriously kind to us so far this summer. It still cools down to the 60s at night so the nights and mornings are just wonderful. Mid-afternoon gets warm, but we can still sit out in the shade if there's a nice breeze blowing and the temp hovers in the 90s. With such low humidity, 90-95 is still quite pleasant.

Monsoon season is officially upon us as of June 15. The rule of thumb used to be that when the dew point reaches 53 for three days in a row, that was the start of monsoon season...but that changed this year as now they put an actual date on the calendar. Theoretically, we could see some of those powerful monsoon storms sneak up on us at any time. I'll keep you posted.
Sorry for being so long winded today. Hope you're enjoying your summer.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Sports Complex

Big headlines in the Dispatch this morning announce the start of construction on the huge sports complex out at Francisco Grande. When complete, the $20 million project will include a sports complex with eight football fields, four field houses, a 57,000-square-foot state-of-the-art building housing the sports training and rehabilitation center, locker rooms, office space and other recreational amenities for public and private use. An agreement between the city and Francisco Grande calls for Casa Grande to pay for construction of the complex -- expected to cover about 50 acres adjacent to the hotel -- while the resort will maintain the complex and handle marketing. The city will own the project but Francisco Grande will operate and maintain the facility including cleaning, watering, cutting the grass and staffing.

Included in the complex:
1) Training for the Las Vegas and San Francisco United Football League teams
2) The Academy which will offer world-class instructional programs in soccer, tennis, football, golf, and physical and mental conditioning for children ages 7 to 18
3) National sports medicine rehabilitation center, Proaxis Therapy, which works with top athletes in various sports
4) Blue Entertainment Sports Television which will help provide national exposure for Casa Grande and the facility.
the UFL plans its season debut in October. On its web site, the UFL says it plans to train and house players in Casa Grande beginning in September and plans to begin signing players in July. UFL fans can follow updates on the organization's web site www.ufl-football.com or on Twitter, http://twitter.com/theufl as well as on Facebook and MySpace.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

It's a "hummer" of a story.

(not my photo)
The story you are about to read is REAL...an honest true story....no exaggeration...no literary liberties. Don and I were sitting on the patio to enjoy our morning coffee when I noticed a hummingbird perched on top of our feeder which is a very unusual spot for her to perch. She was making a strange squeaking sound instead of the usual hummingbird twitter so I dug out my binoculars to take a closer look. Oh my gosh! The poor bird's bottom beak was broken and hanging down at a very odd angle plus I could see her tongue bent off to one side all stiff and dried out.

Don carefully approached her, reached out and picked her up as she made no attempt to fly away. We ran inside to get an eye dropper and started to administer sugar water from the feeder. Her tongue finally absorbed the moisture and became pliable again. Once she regained use of the tongue, she would try to lap up the water on her own while still laying on her side in my hand.

Dr. Don (as I now call him) sprang into action by going door to door to the neighbors searching for someone who had some super glue. Ron (Popkorn) came to the rescue with a fresh tube and we very carefully raised the bottom beak and applied dabs of super glue under the beak. It worked! With the beak back in its normal position, the little bird could lap up the sugar water on her own without being force fed. After another few minutes, she regained strength and sat upright in my hand. We had done all we could do for the precious creature. I slowly opened my hand, she sat there a moment longer and then flew away into the Arizona blue sky. Whether or not she survived the ordeal, we'll never know but we did our best for one of nature's most delicate creatures. I regret that no photos were taken, but we were so busy "saving a life" that we never thought of a camera till all was done.

The hummingbirds that come to our feeder have become very tame as you can see from this picture. Our cat, Hiway, perches nearby but the birds just ignore her. We found this cute little feeder at Lowe's this week and couldn't resist. We bought a red plant to put on the patio table and hung this miniature feeder. Cute, huh!