Saturday, September 28, 2013


I had to chuckle when I spotted all these tar buckets up on the roof of the fitness center.  The whole roof was redone in the heat of the summer sun.  Then I saw the buzzard flying over and pondered that perhaps one of the workers didn't make it down from the hot roof.  LOL

My silly camera wanted to take this picture of dangling feet.
More steel beams are going up at the bistro.  Was surprised to see so much activity on a Saturday but I suppose the time line for completion is nearing.

Pro Shop.  Nice crown molding!
Time to spread gravel to cover the dirt.  Faustino with shovel in hand as usual.
Load after load of gravel to spread.
Water aerobics has been active all summer.
 More bistro progress photos.
And lastly...another new village home waiting for installation with our pretty mountains as a nice background.
The October newsletter "Happenings" is published and is FULL of fun events for the season.  Every article builds excitement about the season ahead for us.  Be sure to check it out through the park's website.  I don't see it posted yet but it will be in another day or so.  Try again later. 

 Here's a link for you:
October Happenings Newsletter

Since tomorrow is Sunday, thought more church humor would be appropriate to end the week.

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Heron Visitors

Forget the construction for today...............I have a birding story to tell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Along the edge of the pond on #9 we spotted a group of herons.  There were 6 night herons and one great blue heron.  Some of the night herons were just juveniles yet as they were still in their drab brown coloring.  They were all spread out along the edge so I could only get a few in the lens at a time.

Adult night heron
Great blue heron
Juvenile night heron
Uh Oh.........then along came a feral cat slinking along the shrubs.
We watched the cat slowly sneak up on the birds although we could tell they knew the cat was present.
Yup....when the cat sprang from hiding, the birds took off.
Then they regathered farther away.  Awesome!
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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fitness Room will open in another week

What a beautiful morning again....nice cool 69 degrees.  Awesome!  

Mesa Awning is working at Site 1776 this morning.  The park has certainly kept them busy with all our new houses this year.

Now that our streets are resurfaced, the freshly painted crosswalks make the place look brand new.  When we see this activity, we know our winter residents will soon be arriving.

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The new fitness center should be open for business in another week or so.  Look at all the new machines in the cardio room!!  I counted 17 new machines.  Quite an investment!!

Don tried out the new weights in the weight room.....but decided to "wait" and let someone else do that.

Then he decided to try out a new treadmill.  He finds it very comfortable. (Yes, I was tempted to push the ON button but managed to refrain.)
All different kinds of toys for us to stay active and fit.
Yes......I know.  Don't nag.

Ernesto is still building walls with bricks and mortar.  I wonder if he liked legos as a child.


They're building forms around all the posts today at the bistro.  That means they'll be pouring concrete floor soon.
Here's our new bistro inside.
Seating will be outdoors as the room itself didn't expand.
The center room will be for display of the golf clothing and accessories.

Speaking of golf............we spotted John and Rita Mullins out on the links this morning.
They'd better get their golf in now as I hear the course will close soon for reseeding.
One more picture to end today's blog......if I can't find a flower....I can find a bird.

Have a GREAT day!

How about a little church humor today?

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