Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Building Frenzy

The day started off quietly with more hot triple digit temperatures forecasted.  This is the time of summer when we "locals" get tired of the heat and long for cool autumn breezes.  They'll be here soon as I can hardly believe September has arrived.

We drive past this table and chairs on an empty lot on Oasis every day.  Someone usually comes by and puts the chairs upright after a windy day and we comment on how strong the wind must have been when they're all down.  Does anyone know the story of who they belong to?  It looks like an invitation to an open happy hour.........and today the doves are doing just that.  Thought it made for a cute picture.


Now that this tee box has been "shaved away", Ernesto and Jaime are building a concrete wall on this side.  No wonder they're so good at their brick work as they surely get enough practice!
Pickleball players are playing here today instead of their usual Wednesday trip to Robson.  I heard that the mosquitos are so bad over there that they opted to come to Palm Creek instead.  I certainly give them all credit for playing in the hot summer.
There is LOTS of hustle and bustle around the clubhouse today.  Windows and doors are being changed to accommodate the flow through the pro shop and bistro.
The bistro will now have sinks and water.  Jackhammers have been busy chopping up all the concrete to run the sewer and water lines.
I hear that this little room will be used as a dressing room for the Pro Shop.  Want to try on a new shirt?  Our Pro Shop always has such lovely clothing items.  Diane does a wonderful job of purchasing top notch items for sale.
The new fitness room addition is coming along.  The piping for washers and dryers is gone.  Now there is a line for electrical boxes so they can plug in all the exercise machines.
New windows here too.
All the dirt piles are gone.
And today the concrete is poured.
Pedro must have steel knees to work on the floor like that.
And Mario has a nice smile for us too.
The old exercise equipment will be moved out in the next day or two so remodel work can be done in here.  Carpet comes out, walls get painted, ceiling redone, etc.  
There were four doors into this room.  These two are closed off now and converted to windows.

How exciting!  Here comes the first load of steel beams for the Bistro.

It didn't take long to get the action started and put the posts in place.

When you return this season, I hope you can appreciate all the work and effort and dollars and SWEAT that goes into all this construction.  Busy Busy Busy.  So much being done.

Maurice Parobec has had technical difficulty posting to his blog about the transplant games in South Africa.  He typed a huge log entry and it was posted today.  Check it out and send Maurice an email congratulating him.

Maurice Parobec


I'm going to guess that your grandchildren will not understand this cartoon....but it made me laugh.

Have a GREAT day!

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