Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fitness Center Set Up

Last night was the second night in a row that we opened the windows and shut off the AC.  Yahoo!  Maybe we're done with triple temps for a while.

More houses arrived this morning.  This one is going into 1317 on the corner of Mountain Mirage and Cole Circle.

Remember when I posted about the abundance of spiders this year??  I'm willing to bet that this house does not subscribe to a pest control service.  If they do, I would ask for my money back!
Concrete has been poured under the new shade tent by the softball field.  I for one will enjoy a great hamburger or two under that shade this season.
Aha!  A big delivery truck was spotted unloading all kinds of goodies for the fitness center.
Wow!  Lots of new toys for us!!  Thank you Sun Communities!!
Now we'll need lessons on how to handle all the electronics.
Some assembly required.
This one looks like fun.

We spied our favorite paint crew busy at work this morning.  Say hi to Pat and Kim from Cooper Painting.  They're the team that did our house both inside and out.  Highly recommend them!!

The road crew is busy resurfacing our end of the park so we had to park on a different block in order to get our car out for a day or two.  Sure looks nice when finished.  

New bistro furniture arriving.

Pool furniture is coming out of storage.  Don took this artistic photo of the chairs and shadows.

Nick is testing the waters with his dandy chemical kit.

And let's not forget Bob Fahrenbruch out there still working on sanding and painting all the street signs.

That's all for today.  Gotta run off to play bridge now.  Ta Ta.

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