Friday, September 13, 2013

Tennis courts are almost done.

Chainsaws surely get a good work out here.  During trimming season they must just overheat!


Take a look at the new Granite Drive.  Another new house came in yesterday plus they're digging more holes farther down.  Busy Busy Busy.  Many happy new homeowners.
This one at 1946 really looks big.
Getting ready to put in the shade tent by the softball field.
Yup.  Pickleball courts are still being used and their numbers are growing.
These crows were talking to us this morning.  If you've ever watched the specials on the nature shows, you'll have a new respect for the crows.  They're very intelligent birds.
The laundry room walls have been painted.  Floor tiles should be installed Monday.
Fitness room.
Ernesto is back working by the bistro.  
Tennis courts are done except for painting the corner posts.
Very nice bulletin board.

We're having an end of summer pot luck luncheon today so will have some mug shots for you tomorrow.  


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