Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rather a Quiet Day

We didn't take many construction photos this morning but I have some pretty scenery for you today.
Yesterday we posted a view down Granite Drive so today we shot it from the other end of the street.

Cheyenne Drive also has six houses waiting for you.  

Then we spotted a big covey of quail as they shot across the road in front of us.  There were several dozen but they travel at a high rate of speed so only got a few in the photo.  They're so cute!  They're guaranteed to bring you a smile if you come across them.

 We peeked inside the new pottery expansion room and were surprised to see this electrical column coming down in the middle of the room.  I understand that the pottery people are the ones who requested it.  I'm sure they must have good reason for it or they wouldn't have asked for it in the middle like that.
Sometimes we just stop to enjoy the scenery.
We spotted Rita Mullins and Bev Carte chatting and enjoying the morning by the pretty oleanders.
And look at this handsome fella we spotted on a cactus.  He's certainly safe there as I'm not going to bother him!

Found some cute animal photos to share too.

And THIS one is my favorite!!

Have a good day!

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