Saturday, September 28, 2013


I had to chuckle when I spotted all these tar buckets up on the roof of the fitness center.  The whole roof was redone in the heat of the summer sun.  Then I saw the buzzard flying over and pondered that perhaps one of the workers didn't make it down from the hot roof.  LOL

My silly camera wanted to take this picture of dangling feet.
More steel beams are going up at the bistro.  Was surprised to see so much activity on a Saturday but I suppose the time line for completion is nearing.

Pro Shop.  Nice crown molding!
Time to spread gravel to cover the dirt.  Faustino with shovel in hand as usual.
Load after load of gravel to spread.
Water aerobics has been active all summer.
 More bistro progress photos.
And lastly...another new village home waiting for installation with our pretty mountains as a nice background.
The October newsletter "Happenings" is published and is FULL of fun events for the season.  Every article builds excitement about the season ahead for us.  Be sure to check it out through the park's website.  I don't see it posted yet but it will be in another day or so.  Try again later. 

 Here's a link for you:
October Happenings Newsletter

Since tomorrow is Sunday, thought more church humor would be appropriate to end the week.

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