Wednesday, September 18, 2013


The laundry room is coming along pretty fast now.  We can see the progress from the chopped up floor and bare pipes to painted walls and a new floor.

Now it's time for our housekeeping staff to enter the scene.  Their staff works wonders in our park to keep everything in A1 condition.  I hope you all take a moment to wave and thank them for the great work they do keeping our resort so nice.

Ernesto is doing his thing with the bricks again.  Never a dull day for him.

It must make him proud to see what he has accomplished.

And there is Mr. Dawson busy on the phone making sure everything stays on schedule.  With so many projects all going on at the same time, he somehow keeps it together and running smoothly.

The shade tent at the ballfield was erected yesterday.  It is a lot bigger than it looks in this photo.

We were amazed at how strong this structure is.  These support posts are huge and are anchored into concrete footings.

Big steel?? beams support the sun screen above.  

Meanwhile, out on the golf course, the scalping continues with mounds and mounds of clippings and debris.  This will make great fuel for our recycling efforts.

I won't post a photo of the house, but Don and I laughed out loud this morning as we drove down Oasis with all the blowing dust from the golf course and there was one of the power wash companies washing a park model home.  I'm guessing the owner won't be very happy with his wash job when he arrives in a day or two as he won't be able to tell it was even washed.  The washing person was even wearing a dust mask.
New homes continue to arrive on a daily basis.  You'll be amazed the first time you travel down the new Granite Drive along the golf course.
Here's another new one at 1332.
We saw some brick work happening behind a house by the pickleball courts so peeked around the corner to take a look.  Oooooo.....this is going to really look nice.
And to end today's tour.....check out this wildlife scene at Ed and MaryAnn Brown's house.  See the hanging basket on the front porch??
Awesome!  I love it.

You all have a GREAT day.  I have to hurry off to an exciting game of bridge with some very dear friends.  Bye for now.

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