Friday, September 06, 2013

Hummers, construction, and fun

We love our little hummingbirds!!  I've never really understood how their feathers change color so drastically just with the tilt of their head.  Here is a young male Anna hummingbird showing just a dark head with a tinge of color.

As he moves his head, more color shows.
In full sunlight, the colors get to be very vivid.
Here is a female that visits frequently....and they dive bomb each other constantly in a war for the feeder.
Meanwhile, a little tree lizard enjoys watching the conquest.
Over on the golf course, here's our crew painting the waterproofing along the wall before the dirt gets filled in.
Hi Clint!  Thanks for taking such good care of our grounds.
We need to give credit to another member of the staff who helps to make all this happen.  Lillie Corbitt works with Jim Dawson and helps with a multitude of scheduling and inventory....and just keeping things in order.  Thank you Lillie.
WOW!  Things are happening fast at the Bistro.
There's another HOT job up there on those beams welding in the hot sun.
The park is sponsoring a well-deserved luncheon for our hard working employees today.  Roger and Ed volunteered to help prepare the grub.  I wonder if "volunteered" is the right word knowing their spouses.  :)

No matter how hot it gets, we still have fun in the evenings at the pool.  Last night we played catch with a little plastic ball.  Bob Daniels, Ed Brown, Sam Cox, Connie Morin, Lillie Corbitt, Jim Reese, and me too.
I got a cool action shot of Lillie diving for the ball.  Great catch!!

We feel young on the inside!

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