Friday, October 29, 2010

Around the Park

It is that time of year to plant the flowers and flowers there will be!  Can’t wait to see the beds come alive with color.
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The golfers are out enjoying the fresh new grass on the front nine holes and soaking up some Arizona sunshine.  Say HI to Cheri, Phyllis, and Ruth when you see them.
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“The Girls” had a fun time at cards tonight.  Poor Marilyn had fallen and wound up with two black eyes so when she hosted card club at her house, we all showed up with blackened eyes to match hers.  Lots of laughs!!  We love you, Marilyn!
marilyn 004
Need a handyman for some odd jobs around the house?  Steve Endsley comes highly recommended and has done numerous jobs around the resort for many residents.  He can build a shed, install flooring, roofing, plumbing, drywall, irrigation, landscaping, property maintenance and more.  He can give you many strong references from folks for whom he has completed projects.
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Steve Endsley
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Friday, October 22, 2010


  Reminiscent of the movie “Caddyshack”, Palm Creek golf course has recently been inundated with burrowing moles who attack those fresh grass roots and do tremendous damage to a golf course. 

bill moles 011


   The moles tunnel just under the grass and can create huge bare spots that just collapse when walking on them. 



bill moles 028


  The tunnels must be dug up  and replaced with a special soil.  This is some of the damage over by the 15th hole by the white markers.



Sad to say that trapping is the best alternative so it’s Fernando to the rescue to save our golf course from further destruction. 

bill moles 017

bill moles 014

Stay active out there on the golf course folks as the vultures are waiting near by.

bill moles 023


(photos courtesy of Bill Wrightson)

Thursday, October 21, 2010


The front nine of the golf course is open for play and play they will.  The grass looks a bit tender as the course is a full week earlier than normal but we must keep the golfers active and happy.  They should be pleased with the new sand traps, absence of pesky trees, fresh grass, etc. 
blog 003
 blog 002 The road entrance to the park was freshly paved and striped this week.  The new road surface really looks nice!!  We had some wonderful rain last night so there are a few puddles in my pictures, but you can see how nice the road looks.
blog housewatch 007
The area in front of the game rooms (SanTan, Adobe, etc) is now striped off for golf carts and handicapped parking.
  blog housewatch 004
blog housewatch 005
The pull through area for the over nighters now has numbered sites which will make it easier for the rangers getting folks settled into the right place.  It is very surprising to see how many overnighters come into the park every night.  Hopefully, they’ll like what they see and come back for a longer stay.
blog housewatch 006
While I was out in the brisk morning air today checking on houses and looking for interesting pictures for this blog, I came across a friendly group of folks over on Oasis.  They were gathered around a big puddle that had formed on the street and claimed they now had lake front property.  Bev Ridout was peeking through her new window and enjoying the view.  Lorne said it is Bev’s new hideaway and she’s not allowed out anymore.  Say Howdy to these friendly folks and let them know you saw them on the blog! 
blog housewatch 011           wave hi 2
Cooper Painting got some more business here in the park after doing our home for us.  I saw them hard at work at site 1334 and again they have done a beautiful job.  Remember them if you need your house painted….inside or out.
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 blog housewatch 001

Work in progress.  From pale blue to a beautiful latte brown.  Nice work!

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There are more new village homes going in across from 1301.  I took these photos yesterday.  It is fun to watch how they can assemble the two parts of a house and make it all come together.
blog 011 Among all the folks at work around the park, there is a lone dedicated fella by the name of Ralph Cooper who has been hard at work out on the softball field.  Ralph has put in a lot of hours out there grading, pruning, and watching over the field.  I’m already looking forward to the upcoming ballgames and those delicious hamburgers!!  To Ralph:  “On behalf of the spectators and fellow ball players, we salute you for all your hard work!”
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That’s all for today folks as I have chores and housework calling me so I can go out and play after while.
P.S.  Thank you to the folks at Site 1118 for their awesome Halloween decoration which I’m using at the top of the blog.
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Late Season Dust Storm

Monsoon season theoretically ended in September but Mother Nature seems to go by her own calendar as we had quite a significant surprise dust storm last night about 5:00 which sent folks scrambling for shelter.  From a beautiful clear afternoon, the dust and wind descended upon us with gusts up to 45 miles per hour.  Luckily no damage has been spotted or reported.
Verna Moore sent these pictures to show that you should never leave out your awning when leaving the park as you don’t know when sudden winds can appear.  She said it took four friendly caring fellow RVers to get the awning down and tucked away before it was damaged.

dust storm
dust storm  (2) dust storm  (1)
Here’s another weather related tip for when you pack up to leave your home at the mercy of the summer sun.  When placing a heat shield or reflective film in your window, be sure to place it between the window and your blinds…..not behind the blinds.  1009001028
This morning Don and I hopped in the golf cart to look for possible storm damage….but also just to enjoy the beautiful morning.  We stopped by the far northeast corner of the park to check out the new gardens that Jim Dawson has planted.  What a great way to garden in the desert!!
We could see remote control airplanes over at the airfield so decided to pay them a visit while we were out there.
IMG_1718 Richard Beck, Dale Fountain, and Craig ?? (sorry Craig but I didn’t get your last name) were just finishing up as we arrived.
IMG_1719       IMG_1720
Then we noticed the new remote car race track!!!  Awesome!!  Richard was kind enough to demonstrate with his car but it turned out to be too fast for me and my little camera.  The car actually flew through the air when jumping over the dirt ramps.  I can’t wait to see an actual race.  Should be great fun and entertainment.  The field is still a work in progress so stay tuned as it gets further developed.
IMG_1722 Sadly, the only action photo I got was when the car flipped over!
I have one more very nice picture still in the camera that I want to share.  I think the front door entrance to the registration desk looks soooo nice and inviting.  Congratulations to one and all who dressed up this area.
Welcome to the 2010-2011   season!

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Season Approaches

The official “Welcome Home” sign is up and Yogi (Roger Balzan) and his team are at bat at the front gate to greet you. 

housewatch blog 010

blog 002

The front office is decorated and the whole entrance area looks so attractive.  Lots of smiles and friendly greetings await our arriving guests.

housewatch paint blog 022The Activities Office is buzzing with preparations for the upcoming plethora of events and fun times.  Mary Williams was at the ticket desk when I entered there this morning so I’m posting her picture too.  Say Hi to Mary when you see her around the park and let her know she was seen “on the blog”. housewatch paint blog 024 The front nine of the golf course is coming along beautifully.  Such a pretty green color and the smell of new grass.  The back nine is now under construction so the dirt and dust still permeates the air in that area.  Certainly is hard to keep a clean car but that’s the hazard of living in the desert. 

By now you’re probably either on the road or at least packing your suitcases.  Hope to see you soon.  Please be sure to stop by and say Howdy.


P.S.  I experimented with adding a “page” to this blog so I could keep some info from getting buried in the archives.  Notice across the top of the page that there are now tabs so you can see other info that may be added.  Click on the “recommended vendors” page for the newest entry.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Busy Days

The storms are past, the sky is blue, temps are below triple digits, folks are returning in herds, the park is buzzing with activity.  LIFE IS GOOD!!!
As stated in my last entry, the severe storms all missed us and hit up north near the Flagstaff area.  We had a few downed trees around town and a power outage out by Abbott Labs west on Cottonwood, but nothing around here was damaged.  We were just very thankful for the wonderful rain!  The front nine is so pretty with the fresh tender grass.  We joke that we can hear it squeak as it rapidly pops up out of the earth.
weather storm pic pic2
The rain was awesome and badly needed.  Refreshing!!housewatch blog 003
housewatch blog 011
The park has done sooooooo much work this summer!  Now the carpets in all the buildings are being cleaned, windows washed, lights repaired, and all the little things necessary to make the place spic and span for your return.  Even new carpet in the Activities Room.
paint blog housewatch 014
Ann Lykens (Activities Director) is really busy lining up our entertainment.
paint blog housewatch 015
Marilyn Goeken is back!  She’s the lady that makes sure we all get fed so well during season.  Thank you, Marilyn! paint blog housewatch 016AND….water volleyball is already underway.  Hurry back and join in the fun.
paint blog housewatch 009
paint blog housewatch 010
Say “Hi” to Jerry and Marian.  Caught them in the hot tub this morning.
paint blog housewatch 011
I shall close with one final safety warning:
beer can spots