Sunday, October 17, 2010

Late Season Dust Storm

Monsoon season theoretically ended in September but Mother Nature seems to go by her own calendar as we had quite a significant surprise dust storm last night about 5:00 which sent folks scrambling for shelter.  From a beautiful clear afternoon, the dust and wind descended upon us with gusts up to 45 miles per hour.  Luckily no damage has been spotted or reported.
Verna Moore sent these pictures to show that you should never leave out your awning when leaving the park as you don’t know when sudden winds can appear.  She said it took four friendly caring fellow RVers to get the awning down and tucked away before it was damaged.

dust storm
dust storm  (2) dust storm  (1)
Here’s another weather related tip for when you pack up to leave your home at the mercy of the summer sun.  When placing a heat shield or reflective film in your window, be sure to place it between the window and your blinds…..not behind the blinds.  1009001028
This morning Don and I hopped in the golf cart to look for possible storm damage….but also just to enjoy the beautiful morning.  We stopped by the far northeast corner of the park to check out the new gardens that Jim Dawson has planted.  What a great way to garden in the desert!!
We could see remote control airplanes over at the airfield so decided to pay them a visit while we were out there.
IMG_1718 Richard Beck, Dale Fountain, and Craig ?? (sorry Craig but I didn’t get your last name) were just finishing up as we arrived.
IMG_1719       IMG_1720
Then we noticed the new remote car race track!!!  Awesome!!  Richard was kind enough to demonstrate with his car but it turned out to be too fast for me and my little camera.  The car actually flew through the air when jumping over the dirt ramps.  I can’t wait to see an actual race.  Should be great fun and entertainment.  The field is still a work in progress so stay tuned as it gets further developed.
IMG_1722 Sadly, the only action photo I got was when the car flipped over!
I have one more very nice picture still in the camera that I want to share.  I think the front door entrance to the registration desk looks soooo nice and inviting.  Congratulations to one and all who dressed up this area.
Welcome to the 2010-2011   season!

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